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  • Best of British Biographies – Liam Neeson

    Best of British Biographies – Liam Neeson

    Over six feet tall, deep voice with a Celtic accent, had a variety of occupations before becoming an actor, and is renowned for playing tough guys. No, not Sean Connery but Liam Neeson. He’s an inch taller than Sir Sean was and is Irish rather than a Scot. His previous career options included driving a…

  • Quiz – Schindler’s List

    With the re-showing of Schindler’s List coming out soon, I wanted to do a little refresher course to reacquaint ourselves before the movie release. I would rate the difficulty of this quiz at average to hard. Good Luck.[quiz-cat id=”12222″] I tried to choose questions that would engage the user to want to know more about this…