Hit Song From the Movie Smallfoot – Let It Lie – by Common (with Lyrics)

Really, this song is awesome, but is a spoiler. You’re warned!

I loved the animated Smallfoot, and even gave it a coveted A+ rating. One of the highlights that pushed it that stratospheric score are the appealing songs through out. The absolute, 100% standout number, goes to  Let It Lie, sang by the StoneKeeper (the singer Common). I listen to a daily, for some reason, set in my Work Playlist. It’s that good. It lends a true twist and deep backstory to an otherwise light and fun outing.

I originally included the song link in my Smallfoot review, but decided to tease it out into its own post to make it easier to search for and find (use the Magnifying Lens in the upper right navigation corner to Search for Let it Lie, or Common, or Smallfoot).

It’s too soon to show the video without using a bootleg copy, but you can give it a listen on the link below. UPDATE: You Tube now has copies of the scene, so I added that to this article too.

I must warn you now: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SMALLFOOT.  The song gives away the big secret, and it’s a doozy. You’ll want to keep this a surprise: it sends chills down my spine every time. It’s the also only song in a PG rated children’s movie that mentions genocide. That’s got be some kind of record!

So consider this a big Spoiler Alert. Stop here if you even PLAN to wait for the DVD.  

Here are the Smallfoot lyrics for Let It Lie, as sung by Common:

[MIGO (Channing Tatum)] Um, where are you takin’ me?

[THE STONEKEEPER (Common)] Aha, so many questions. I think it’s about time I give you some answers

[MIGO] Wow. What is this?

There was a time when Yetis lived beneath the clouds
We were alive and we were thriving till we came across a crowd
Of Smallfoot, that’s right, we used to live down there
But there were actions we could not forgive down there
And though they used a different nomenclature
Man, or human, they showed us human nature
A dangerous species that we approached with wonder
They attacked with their spears and their smokin’ sticks of thunder
They called us Sasquatch, they called us abominable
They chased us, pursued us, their persistence indomitable
We had no choice but to run and hide
Otherwise, we surmised we were facin’ genocide
So we climbed this mountain just to stay alive
You see, we knew that up here, Smallfoot cannot survive
So it was here the first law was written in stone
It was named and proclaimed as a truth to be known
Our world is an island, it floats on a sea of endless clouds
That’s how it would be
And then we wrote more laws, more rules to obey
For the sake of us all, it was the only way
To protect us from all of the human ravages
Heaped upon us by those human savages

(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
(Now you know, now you know) And new rules apply
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
So it’s best just to let it lie (Let it lie)
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
(Now you know, now you know) And you can’t deny
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
That it’s best just to let it lie (Let it lie)

[MIGO] But my Smallfoot, he’s not like that

[THE STONEKEEPER] They’re all like that. Tell me, when you found him. Did he greet you with open arms?
They don’t care about us. They don’t care about anything but themselves. Which is why we must do the same if we care about our future

[MIGO] Wait, we’re below the clouds

[THE STONEKEEPER] Or so it would seem, but look closer

[MIGO] Those aren’t clouds, it’s steam

[THE STONEKEEPER] The stones are working

[MIGO] The stones?

[THE STONEKEEPER] Every job and every task is pointless as it seems
All of it ensures that this important machine
Keeps turning and turning and spinnin’ around
So those below don’t look up and those above don’t look down
And they’ll look ’cause even if they hear of these atrocities
The only thing stronger than fear is curiosity
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)

[MIGO] Wait so, so none of those stones are true, they’re all lies?
(Now you know, now you know, let it lie)

[THE STONEKEEPER] Good lies to protect our world
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)

[MIGO] But they need to know the truth

[THE STONEKEEPER] Oh, do they?
You feel emboldened by your noble quest to find the truth
I chalk it up to the naive innocence of youth
So let me share a secret that you’ll learn as you grow older
What’s true or not true is in the eye of the beholder
So do you wanna prevent our own annihilation? (Yes!)
Then our only goal should be to control the flow of information
Unless you wanna see the Smallfoot conquer and pillage (No!)
Then protect the lie and you protect the village
Lives are at stake, Migo. Your friends, your father, Meechee
She’s curious and you know what they say: curiosity killed the yak

[MIGO] So what do you want me to do?

[THE STONEKEEPER] Tell everyone you were lying about the Smallfoot

[MIGO] But they’ve already seen it, they–they’re not gonna believe me

[THE STONEKEEPER] You’ll be surprised at what they’ll believe
You think knowledge is power, Migo?
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
(Now you know, now you know)
Question is
(Now you know, now you know, now you know)
What are you gonna do with that power?

Movie Review – SmallFoot

Movie Review – SmallFoot

That guy is barefoot in the snow a lot. Just saying.

It is such a relief to watch a movie I can give an A+ rating to without hesitation! It was charming, warm-hearted (albeit set in a cold place), engaging, funny, and surprisingly detailed. I especially loved the many interesting things to look at in the yeti village. I was never bored. I see a lot of movies for RunPee, and not being bored scores high in my book.

A couple of the songs were quite good, and the “Let It Lie” number by Common is a straight-up standout. That entire scene (the one with the Stone Keeper and Migo inside the mountain) was captivating.

Small Foot had some great elements of world-building, which is nice to see in an animated kid flick. The details of the yeti town, their mythology, the backstory…everything fit together seamlessly. I was really surprised how even small details (like why the ice cubes were chipped into spheres) came together later on.

The ‘short Yeti’ comic relief character was a bit tiresome, but that’s my only nit to pick. I’m sure the kiddos liked him well enough. The ‘dumb Thor’ Yeti made the geek in me smile. Mostly, the Yetis and their world were well drawn, the voice work was pleasant, and the climax and denouement actually came from a logical place in the narrative.

It’s also nice to see a movie with no villain. Sometimes watching a plot based around an obligatory ‘bad guy’ makes for tiresome viewing. Writers have to be more creative to do it this way.

There’s a great message about tolerance, without banging the audience over the head with it. I also liked that we saw humanity from an outside perspective, recognizing both the good and the evil inherent in our species. I’d hope that if we found other intelligent beings somewhere, we’d know enough to try communication before hostility.

Outstanding film.

Movie Grade: A+

About The Peetimes: Here are 3 Peetimes of various lengths. If you can manage the 1st one, you won’t have to rush and you miss very little. I was surprised how hard it was to find good Peetimes in this animated film — it’s a tightly woven tale with very little downtime. They put a lot of plot development and world building into this. I also didn’t want to place a Peetime during any of the musical numbers, since I figure if you’re watching this, you’d probably like to hear the songs. One note: if you decide to duck out during a song, do NOT leave when Common/The Stone Keeper does his number. It’s just that excellent.

One More Note: I liked Common’s song Let It Lie so much, I had to look it up for you.  It’s just as good on a second listen — gives me chills. DON’T PLAY if you haven’t seen the movie yet:  it’s got the film’s biggest spoilers in it. Otherwise, enjoy!