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Tag: dunkirk

  • Best of British Biographies – Christopher Nolan

    Best of British Biographies – Christopher Nolan

    Christopher Nolan is back! Over the last few months so many films have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Small films, big films, and absolutely huge films have either been rescheduled for a big screen release, often into 2021; others have been sent straight to digital download, and some are just…waiting. One of the huge…

  • Movie Review – DunKirk

    Movie Review – DunKirk

    Be forewarned, this movie can be insanely confusing. There are three vignettes operating during this film: a pilot trying to keep the Luftwaffe at bay (while rescue attempts for the waiting soldiers on the beach are being made), a private citizen and his sons, who are lending a heroic hand to the survivors of sinking…