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  • Rewatch Review – The Man Who Invented Christmas
    A lot of what we now think of as Christmas traditions going back centuries actually started out as little more than whims of fashion — many of which are less than two hundred years old. The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the story of some of those fashions. When Dickens wrote A ...
  • Rewatch Reviews – Arthur Christmas
    First off, I LOVE Arthur Christmas! It is funny, entertaining, and endlessly re-watchable. The talent on display is awesome and the attention to detail is breathtaking. There are so many little things that you either see for the first time when you watch it, or can point out to other people ...
  • Top Twenty Games on Star Trek – Including Poker, Dabo, 3-D Chess, Fizzbin, and Tongo
    Because I’m a good geek, I wrote a quick post about Star Trek: The Next Generation and poker. There’s a few more Star Trek games to discuss: 3-D Chess, Strategema, Darts, Tongo, Dabo, Pool, and of course, the time-honored game of  Fizzbin. And that’s not even all of the games ...
  • Movie Review – The Croods 2
    This is definitely a young kids movie. There’s lots of super saturated bright colors and silly cartoon antics that the characters almost constantly go through. In that light most young kids will probably like it. However, I wonder if they’ll like it anymore than just watching any old cartoon movie ...
  • Is there anything extra during the end credits of The Croods 2?
    Yes, there are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of The Croods 2. View details and movie information…
  • RunPee Weekly Newsletter 37th edition (November 25th, 2020)
    The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.    Horror! Thanksgiving! Movie Review — Derelicts Yes kids, there are indeed slasher Thanksgiving movies out there. There’s some real weirdness in Derelicts. Don’t ask me about wearing a Teddy Bear on your ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Expulsion
    Expulsion starts with a quote from Stephen Hawking’s last published work… We are not down to a single, unique universe… So if, like me, you’ve got even a passing interest in science fact and/or fiction, you’ll know that we’re talking multiverse theory. You know, that theory that says there are an infinite number ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Emily and the Magical Journey
    I have to admit to feeling a bit like Groucho Marx over this film… “Why, a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can’t make head nor tail out of it.” It’s a family film aimed at feisty, imaginative young girls, and ...
  • The Film Legacy of Sean Connery
    This weekend I had one of those “aww” moments when you get some sad news. Not so sad as to knock you sideways, like the death of a parent or a favourite dog, but sad enough to give you a moment’s pause to think back and reflect. That moment was ...
  • Exclusive Interview with Actor Heath C. Heine — Star of Monster Force Zero & Jurassic Thunder
    This versatile actor is worth hunting down: we’ll see more of Heath Heine soon. In Jurassic Thunder alone he has three roles (one of which is a certain orange President), and in Monster Force Zero he’s clearly channeling Biff (Back to the Future. Duh. Hello, McFly!) We were honored to ...
  • Where to watch Alien Addiction, directed by Shae Sterling
    Typical… you wait ages for talented, New Zealand based film directors with an offbeat sense of humour — and then three come along at once! First there was Peter Jackson. Now he’s synonymous with anything Tolkienesque, but way back in the days of VHS tapes he was the master of the ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Sinbad The Fifth Voyage (Ultimate Director’s Cut)
    Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage Ultimate Director’s Cut, to give it its full title, hooked me in from the first words. Mind you, they were spoken by Sir Patrick Stewart and I would do anything asked of me by that voice! I’m old and straight but if he asked, I’d think ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Pulse
    Part of the pleasure of being given the opportunity to watch and review independent films for RunPee is finding films like Pulse. I’ll be honest, a fair few are not wonderful. Some are well done in certain ways and not so much in others; well shot but badly acted, good story ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Jurassic Thunder
    Fancy something totally bizarre and ludicrous? Jurassic Thunder is your baby! So you have a secret base with weaponized dinosaurs… I’ll just let that sink in for a second.  As if dinosaurs weren’t scary enough, imagine a T-Rex with a huge gun strapped to its head. Then, they are your last ...
  • Hobbitses – A Tolkien history – Behind the Lord of the Rings in epic fantasy films
      Typical! Wait decades for a film with hobbits in, and six come along at the same time! At least, that’s how it felt. Like many teens of the time, I had my copy of the single volume paperback edition of The Lord Of The Rings, shortly after it was first ...
  • Exclusive Interview with Alien Addiction writer/director Shae Sterling
    Rob Williams, our “RunPeep” in the United Kingdom, had a chance to do an interview with Alien Addiction writer/director Shae Sterling. Alien Addiction (Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi ) won Best Picture at the Florence Film festival, and Shae won Best First Time Director at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. Rob Now then ...
  • Indie Movie Review – Alien Addiction (2020)
    So here we have a debut feature from director Shae Sterling. I say debut, but he’s been around for decades and has 125 music videos to his name… this just happens to be his first feature length film. Not content with directing, he’s also written, produced, edited, and been the ...
  • First View Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
    Well now, wasn’t this a peculiar movie? Although that can be said for anything Director Tim Burton puts his hand to. Here he plies a Brit version of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Call it a creepy Hogwarts with fewer kids and less lessons. Superpowered, but not X-Men These kids aren’t ...
  • First View Movie Review – Primer (2004)
    Primer was made with $7,000 USD, filmed mostly with two guys talking in a garage, and took home the Grand Jury Prize from the 2004 Sundance Festival. It features time travel, paradoxes, and a very dense script full of jargon. Primer doesn’t give anything away, and is barely comprehensible upon ...
  • New Movie Review – Bill & Ted Face the Music (before a series rewatch)
    Whoa. Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music didn’t suck. Not even decades later. The trilogy finale (one we never actually asked for) in Bill & Ted Face the Music is a worthy follow up to the wacky 80s and 90s time traveling com-fantasies, giving us two slacker characters we grew ...
  • Movie Review – Before I Fall (2017)
    Is Before I Fall a Groundhog Day movie? Yes. Does it have anything to offer to the genre? Again, I’d say yes. I’ll explain why, but it’s hard not to not spoil the ending. So, Before I Fall is Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day. But by the time Samantha realizes she is going ...
  • First View Movie Review – Matilda (1996)
    Matilda is the strangest, nastiest kid movie I’ve ever seen. My mother and I were astounded throughout at how grotesque this was, and how unappealing. Not even the cute actress (Mara Wilson) could save this caustic tale. It wasn’t until I saw the credits that this was based on a classic ...
  • What does the ending of Palm Springs mean?
    The three endings in the Groundhog Day themed movie Palm Springs have a little unpacking to do. Plus, dinosaurs. Let’s get to it. SPOILERS LIE AHEAD. Why does Nyles mention his dog? In the first end scene, Nyles and Sarah are lounging in the pool at his ‘safe house’ on November 10th, the real ...
  • Is there anything extra during the end credits of Gremlins?
    Yes, there are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Gremlins. View details and movie information…
  • Classic Movie Review – Gremlins
    Gremlins. One of the best non-Christmas Christmas movies ever made. It’s got a bizarre but cemented niche among the classics that somehow stands up after all this time, although Steven Spielberg seemed to be experimenting with genres in those days. Gremlins (1984) isn’t a great movie, but slips into the ...
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