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Review – Kingsman – The Golden Circle

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As enjoyable as the first film, with some fine set pieces, original action, lots of humor, and good new characters. In particular, while dangerous ski gondola scenes have been done to death in James Bond films, the one here is fresh and exciting. Wheeee!

The “president” should be a pretty familiar stand-in for our times, and he had some cute stuff. Jeff Bridges was adroit in a too-brief run time, and Channing Tatum obviously relished playing Tequila. Julianne Moore — as Poppy — was, well, a strange choice. She played her scenes with vigor, but I thought she was miscast. She just has too serious/intellectual a look and persona about her, making the “adorable 50’s housewife” a bad fit.

There’s a role played by a certain famous person, as himself, that I won’t spoil — but I loved it. And he seemed to have a great time in this movie. Nice to see.

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dd33803, 07/05/2023

This is a great app. I wish more people would support it

This app provides info about movies, reviews, ratings from people who have seen it before and after viewing. It has links to info about the movies. It let’s you know when there will be a lull in the action and how long it will last. If you want to know what happens during that time, you can check the brief synopsis (you have to click a link, so no accidental spoilers). It has a timer you can set (silent) to alert you to a break. It also tells you whether there is anything extra during or after the credits. It’s really a wonderful app. I’ve subscribed for a couple of years to support the developers, but I noticed some of the links to provide feedback didn’t seem to work today. They also made it free, with voluntary donations to see the pee-times. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so, and subscribe if you like it. I really hope the app is supported so it can continue to be maintained!

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The Kingsmen from the previous film did a bang-up job (pun intended). I liked spending time with them again. Eggsy’s growing up.

Poppy Land, in the jungle ruins of Cambodia, is a great concept. It’s like a scene from *Pleasantville*, or the downtown in *Back to the Future*, complete with bowling alley, old time theater, vintage diner, and classic weiner truck — but totally empty, except for some henchmen. Quite uncanny-valley-like; creepy and good.

You’ll notice the main score track sounds very close to the Marvel Universe theme. It kept nagging at me, since this isn’t a Marvel movie. It turns out the composers are Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson, who also worked on Captain America – The Winter Solider, and the X-Men films. So, there ya go.

Was this violent? Yes, very. It’s hip, slick, and stylized…but a couple of moments still made me look away. Keep this in mind if you don’t like “comic gore”.

Lastly, the plot is bizarro. Just accept that. There are more sensible movies out there if you want. This is an enjoyable film to help you disconnect your mind for a while. Don’t take it too seriously; it’s intended for the fun, and that’s what it brings.

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