Ray McKinnon in Ford v Ferrari – where have I seen him before?

Ray McKinnon - Ford v Ferrari
Ray McKinnon - Ford v Ferrari

Ray McKinnon as Phil Remington in Ford v Ferrari

The actor Ray McKinnon plays Phil Remington in Ford v Ferrari — Le Mans ’66 for those on the right side of the Atlantic.

Ray McKinnon may not be a household name — I had to look him up myself — but I recognized him straight away when I saw him because he plays a very similar character in Apollo 13. Which coincidentally enough takes place at roughly the same time period — Ford v Ferrari takes place in 1966-67 and Apollo 13 takes place in 1967-1970.  I guess Ray just has that “I’m an engineer look,” about him — whatever that might be like.

Ray McKinnon - Apollo 13

Ray McKinnon as Jerry Bostick – FIDO White – in Apollo 13

Ray has quite an extensive filmography, including 83 actor credits, from Sons of Anarchy to The X Files.

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2 thoughts on “Ray McKinnon in Ford v Ferrari – where have I seen him before?”

  1. Damn you! 🙂 I JUST rewatched Apollo 13 a few weeks back. And now I need to watch it again and look for this guy. lol. What position is FIDO White?

    (Oh, here is the info: (FDO or FIDO)
    Flight dynamics officer:
    Responsible for the flight path of the space vehicle, both atmospheric and orbital. During lunar missions the FDO was also responsible for the lunar trajectory.)

    Good article. How cool would it be to land a good role in something like Apollo 13! When you worked at Space Camp in Mission Control, what was your favorite position? Flight Director?

    We did mostly astronomy and space science lab experiments when I worked at Astro Camp. No Mission Control classes.

    So in Apollo 13 they had an astronaut sitting in as CAPCOM in Mission Control. Do they always use an astronaut, and why is that necessary?

    Oh, here it is. I should try looking things up sometimes.

    Traditionally, CAPCOM is a role filled almost exclusively by former astronauts, as was the case for the Apollo 10, Apollo 13, Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, and the Shuttle missions of the Space Shuttle Program.

    However, due to the diminished size of the astronaut corps in recent years, non-astronauts have acted as CAPCOM during International Space Station (ISS) missions.

    CAPCOM is also the crew’s trusted agent on the ground, to fight battles and argue in their stead. This role is normally filled by an experienced astronaut or someone who works closely with the astronauts since they are familiar with vehicle systems, control systems, flight dynamics, and life support readings aboard the spacecraft.

    Looking on IMDB: This guy really has been in a lot of stuff. I wonder if he played an engineering type in X-Files. 😉 Hmmm…nope, he was the bad guy in Improbable. That was one of my favorites, where Scully and Reyes are trapped in a parking garage playing checkers with God. (Burt Reynolds.)

    And now I want to watch Improbable again! It’s one of the funniest episodes of X-Files, and the ending is just great.

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