Quiz – Scarlett Johansson – Not Just a Pretty Face

Did you know that Scarlett’s pouty lips were the inspiration for Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl? Hopefully, you’ll learn a few more things from my simple 10-question Scarlett quiz.

Did you know that Scarlett pouty lips were Katy Perry's inspiration for the song, I Kissed a Girl?Maybe in this quiz you'll learn a few more facts about this ravenous beauty.[quiz-cat id="14344"]

Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoyed this quiz, maybe you can share it with a few good friends? (It would make me look good, and I just might get that raise my boss keeps promising.)

Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you could share this quiz with a few — or a lot of —  close friends. (It would make me look really good to my boss and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get that long awaited raise.)

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