PSA: Late Kick – the best podcast for college football fans

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This is a public service announcement for all college football fans.

Anyone who follows @RunPee on Twitter knows that occasionally, I let it slip that I’m a huge college football fan. I grew up in Alabama and played high school football there. Our team colors were crimson and white. #RollTide

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If you’re also a college football fan, regardless of team affiliation, then I highly recommend the YouTube channel The Late Kick with Josh Pate. He’s knowledgeable about every single school in college football. Of course, teams like Alabama, Ohio St, Georgia, Texas, et al., get the lion’s share of coverage, but he gets into the weeds and talks about Iowa St, Tulane, Oregon St. and even that agricultural school near the Alabama/Georgia border.

Josh isn’t just some guy on YouTube who talks football. He’s a part of 24/7 Sports, owned by CBS. He has resources and puts together a professional, but down-to-earth, show.

Josh covers every angle of college football: NIL, transfers, realignment, recruiting, playoffs, you name it. He also gets to interview coaches like Saban and Sark, Kirby and Riley. And that’s just in the off-season. I don’t know what I’d do from February to August without Late Kick. Every video he posts gives me a dopamine high. 🙂

The best part is during the season, he has entertaining and expert analyses of just about every game played. Plus, he attends one game each week in person and provides incredible behind-the-scenes reporting. And he has field-level access, so he can tell you what the vibe of a team was like during a crucial moment of a game. It’s stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Basically, if you’re a college football fan, you don’t just want to watch Josh Pate. You want to be him. Because he has the best job in the world, and he knows it. He makes college football more enjoyable as we can live vicariously through the stories he tells.

This isn’t a paid promotion. I really love his show and he’s trying to get to 200,000 subscribers by the end of August 2023. I’m just doing what I can to help him out. And truly, if you’re a college football fan then I’m doing you a favor by introducing you. (You’re welcome.)

There are a number of ways to follow Josh. I love watching his YouTube channel (Please consider subscribing.). He also has a podcast on Spotify, and you can follow him on Twitter @LateKickJosh, or Instagram.

Here’s one of his YouTube Shorts that Bama fans will appreciate.

If you’ve made it this far, there’s one other channel I’d recommend to college football fans. The CollegeFootballNerds offer an in-depth and cerebral deep dive into college football games. Each week they’ll use their proprietary model to pick apart the week’s biggest matchups. They go deep, deep, deep, into analysis. If you’re a college football nerd then these nerds are your people. 



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