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Movie review : Sex and the City 2

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Sex and the City 2
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Degrading to the characters, embarrassing to behold, this mess should never have gone past the storyboard.

The characters are aging slowly downwards into caricatures of their former vivacious selves. Carrie’s sense of verve and fun has left the building. She looks stretched and skeletal in the outrageous haute duds she once carried with adorable aplomb. In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker looks like butter that has been spread over too much bread. (Lord of the Rings reference for whomever can catch it!)

Charlotte has taken her lovely family situation and turned it into a Martha Stewart perfectionist hell. With a doting husband, a full time nanny and housekeeper, and full time non-working status, you’d think our gal pal Char would be be less full-time neurotic. Such a sweet, pretty, wealthy lady should not take her PTA duties so seriously. Unlike most moms, she can actually afford a weekend away at a quiet spa each month. Or perhaps try some nice Valium. Didn’t she used to do yoga?

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Miranda – staid, cranky Miranda – ends up the joyful, gleeful highlight of this stinkbug film. Having quit her rotten job, she’s on a high, more relaxed than we’ve ever seen her. She laughs, she giggles, she yells fun little geek lines like Abu-Dhabi-Doo!…who is this likeable girl, and can I just take HER on my vacation next time?

Which leaves me to Samantha. Frak me. I feel so terribly embarrassed for Kim Cattral, forced to act like an lost, menopausal, outraged, overaged, completely unprofessional skank – on the prized tour junket that was to be a feather in Samantha’s public-relations cap. Oh Sam. You looked sad and desperate; no longer the slinky, smart, confident cougar of years past. You looked finally ready to be committed – but to a mental ward, not to a man. How’s that oversexed life of freedom working out for you now?

Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte are no longer allowed on my vacations.

In fact, aside from Cynthia Nixon’s surprisingly endearing turn, everyone seemed rather unlikable. Screechy. Insensitive. They flash their flesh and garish couture where local women are covered head to toe lest they be beaten for law breaking. Our girls barely mention the poor economy back home while the director treats us to no less than five solid minutes of lush, gilded hotel room porn. With individual male foot servants that must be officially dismissed at night or can’t go home. With four lux chauffered cars – one for each gal – and the kind of monstrous amounts of food, clothes, silks and frippery that caused Marie Antoinette to be separated from her head. Where is an uprising when you need one?

All I wanted was to see sweet Aiden again. Big is a patient man and a much better choice for the volatile Carrie, but there is something just so clean and caring and wholesome about ex-fiance Aiden. His short scenes proved to me that things worked out for the best; that for him, Carrie is naught but trouble. I hope he goes home and continues along the joyful, humble life that his gentle nature deserves.

There were a few giggles at some good/bad puns (OK, I did LOL at ‘Lawrence of my Labia”). There were a lot of uncomfortable twitters at what was no doubt intended to be leg slappy fun. And there were hideously grotesquely jaw dropping moments of bad taste that floored me. Almost anything could have been a PeeTime, to be frank. But if you can save it up for the big set piece of our girls singing I am Woman in scary couture shoulder spikes (yes, Samantha again) – go then!!! Just go and get yourself a big bag of popcorn.

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Missing this overlong, overwrought, embarrassing and boring karaoke set piece is simply my gift to you.

And while I added four “official PeeTimes” to the RunPee database, as long as you don’t miss seeing Aiden in the third act of the show, just get up and go (whenever you desire) during the entire 2.5 hour run time. Leave for as long as you like!

For reals. Once we got to the desert scenes, I honestly felt that I was watching some kind of drag queen spoof of my previously fun, quirky witty little show.

And now it’s time to let it die. The drag queen spoof would surely be more fun.

In closing, I’d like to apologize to the United Arab Emirates for this disrespectful pile of dren. Not all American women act like these entitled, spoiled, self-centered harpies. Who ever thought it would be ‘cute’ to send our rich slutty fashionista gal-pals to conservative Abu Dhabi needs a whack upside their gay little head (here’s looking at you, King).

This film rates my first F, ever. Let’s not do this again.

What did you think about Sex and the City 2? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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12 responses to “Movie review : Sex and the City 2”

  1. RandomnOne Avatar

    It was ridiculously gross! I am just shocked that they made a mockery of Abu Dhabi in that manner. I also found Charlotte refusing to use her Jewish name ‘because you never know what they will do’ in very bad taste. Rubbish I say! BTW you nailed it

  2. Thank you. Gross is a good word you used. Grotesque is even better. My poor, poor, beloved show. May it live long in reruns and die a swift death in the cinema.
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : Sex and the City 2 =-.

  3. RandomnOne Avatar

    lol I agree! I should stick to re runs too!

  4. Wow. I LOVED the show. LOVED it. I even liked the first film. But as soon as I saw the preview for this I just knew it had jumped the shark. Jumped it then went back and punched that poor shark in the nose. I have a feeling that one of my girlfriends is going to want me to sacrifice 10 precious dollars for this and I just can’t. I can’t believe it’s 2 and a half hours. THANK YOU for sitting through this so I don’t have to. You are a saint among women.

  5. LOL, Shannon. You are welcome. This movie is drek. The girls need to move on.

    I did like seeing Aiden again, but since it was just a cameo really, it didn’t make up for the rest of it. Even the outfits were terrible.
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : Sex and the City 2 =-.

  6. I actually really liked the movie. I think as far as things go what’s happened to them is what the movie IS about.

    It’s about what happens when you get married.
    It’s about what happens to you when you get older.
    It’s about what happens to you when you take life too seriously.

    I could SO relate to how the moms felt, where you love your kids so much, but you need a break. I could relate to giving up a career you thought defined you, for the feeling of freedom when you finally just let go.

    I could really relate to how Carrie felt in her marriage, with being Okay with it being “boring” or “slow” instead of always ON.

    I could not yet relate to the menopausal Samantha but I never could relate to her at all, but I think we all have “that” friend. To me she was just… Samantha.

    I so loved Samantha’s line about how the girls are soul mates…. I feel that way about my girlfriends.

    I loved the movie.
    .-= Stephanie L. Watson´s last blog ..WordPress makes it simple =-.

  7. It could be expectations. I was expecting a fun time. I needed a fun time. I ended up just being embarrassed for the whole cast. If they’d kept this in the City, things would have worked out better. I wish they’d just gone to the Poconos or the Hamptons. Watching them totter along in high heels in the sand and get camel toes on camels was just not funny.

  8. LOL yea maybe it would have been better in the Hamptons 🙂 lol
    .-= Stephanie L. Watson´s last blog ..WordPress makes it simple =-.

  9. Julie C. Avatar
    Julie C.

    Well I hate to tell you this, but I actually Liked It! I thought it could have been about 20 minutes shorter. The only thing I didn’t like (and didn’t in the show either) is how Carrie dresses. When she walked out in that outrageous ugly huge gray hat, I thought soul mate or not I wouldn’t walk down the street next to her. The other thing is yes they are getting old and in a couple scenes Carrie and Samantha looked really bad.
    I’ve spoken to lots of women who saw 2 and they all liked 1 better. I think I liked this one better even though some of it was quite predictable. I can see you giving it a bad grade but an F. An F means you didn’t even try, like I used to tell me child when she was in school. That’s harsh. Well it’s true, everyone has their own opinion. Even though we disagree I respect yours and appreciate your site.

  10. You know, Julie, you are totally correct; giving this movie an F is pretty juvenile of me. It’s just a knee-jerk reaction to my frustration with the bad directorial/scripting choices. As Stephanie mentioned above, there were logical growth outcomes for the ladies.

    I still hate this film. But I’ll have to re-think an appropriate grade.
    .-= jillflorio´s last blog ..Movie review : Sex and the City 2 =-.

  11. What do you guys think of B minus? It’s well made. It looks pretty. Gorgeous Aiden was there. C+? I need to see past my dislike of the plot and silly out of character stuff.

    I still think Miranada was the only character who really showed up and still feel awful for Samantha.

  12. I agree. I was surprised by how bad it was.

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