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You won’t find anything wrong with the story, or the acting nor the directing. That’s because Invictus is the product of the best in the business. And who else could possibly play Nelson Mandela besides Morgan Freeman? I’m not even sure this movie could have been made without Freeman. Matt Damon was also perfectly cast for the part of the rugby team captain.

Here’s the page at the Wikipedia about the poem Invictus for which the movie is name.

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2 Replies to “Movie review : Invictus”

  1. I did find some errors in the movie.

    #1 – The slums were way too clean. Slums have garbage all over the place and used tires on the roofs of the shacks.

    #2 – The comment “You know what happened in Zimbabwe. Whites will lose everything.” made by Mr. Pienaar was premature in the sense that the Zimbabwean land redistribution from the white farmers to the blacks didn’t start until 2000. Invictus is set in 1994-1995.

    #3. The jetliner buzzing the stadium should have been played as a harmless, even patriotic, stunt. Instead, it was made out to be a possible terror attack. Yes, it lended to some tension in the movie, but no one would have thought the jetliner may strike the stadium since this was in 1995, pre-9/11.

    Other than those three bobbles, the movie was very good. Well cast and well acted.

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