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Edge of Darkness
Edge of Darkness
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Mel Gibson provides just the right touch in Edge of Darkness – he’s a sweetheart father, a rough Boston cop dedicated to his job, and pretty darned good at psyching people out to give up their creepy intel. He’s also lucky to make it to the end in one piece (so to speak) with that nothing-left-to-lose ‘tude he pulls on everyone in his path. Yes, he’s done that before in Lethal Weapon, but that was back in the Pleistocene. Mel’s a grown up now, and a lot darker.

It was hard to find PeeTimes for this movie, since you really do need to pay ATTENTION to everything that goes on. And sometimes, even when you are paying close attention, you still miss a subtle clue, or just can’t untangle what someone with a quiet but thick English accent might have just said.

Is this a scary flick? No. There’s some vomit and blood, but it all makes sense with what is going on. You’ll startle at least once (there’s a thing with a car door…). Are there laughs? A running gag about what’s legal in Massachusetts got the audience going each time. Will you cry? I tried not to. I almost made it. That last 15 seconds got me over the edge, dang it.

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An excellent score by Howard Shore backs up this surprisingly thoughtful thriller. Dark, complicated, intense, a few light laughs and a tiny bit of tears at the very end. See this film. A-

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