Movie review : District 9

District 9

You can tell from the previews that District 9 is slightly atypical. Much of the movie is shot as a documentary. Especially the first 10-15 minutes. After that it begins to stray into a more conventional filming style while retaining a hint of the documentary camera style. The director Neill Blomkamp finds a nice balance – meaning he didn’t use it so much that it became irritating.

As a science fiction fan I’m always hoping that a movie like this will become an instant classic. In that aspect I’m quite disappointed. However I did enjoy the movie. It was good. Not great.

What did you think about District 9? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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4 Replies to “Movie review : District 9”

  1. @Jennifer I don’t like grim in my sci fi either, much less relentlessly so. I want more Firefly, less BSG. I wonder if angst is going to continue to be the fashion for much longer in film?

  2. The films was a great disappointment.
    I expected a lot but it only turned out to be an irritating camera-shaking videogame. The plot-line was ridiculous and had great holes.
    The biggest crap in 2009!!!

    It’s time writers should read more traditional literature to create strong storylines. Not silly, mindless violent cinematic video-games.

  3. The second movie that I have walked out from in 30 years of movie-going. Puts the suck back into sucktastic.

    1. ‘OK, we’re over the fake handy cam technique!’ – Horrible use of shaky cam pseudo-documentary footage. Even the shakiest stringer for CNN does better than this, under fire, in an earthquake and underwater. It was novel when they did in Blair Witch, and it was DONE by the time it was trotted out in Cloverfields. Give it a rest, already.

    2. The ‘Save the budget by hiring nobodies’ strategy does not always work, in fact, it generally flops.’ – Crap acting. The lead is without interest, or depth, and does not generate any empathy. The supporting cast doesn’t.

    3. ‘D9’s special effects crush the 1977 theatrical release of Star Wars. But nothing since.’ – The special effect are crap. You get pretty tired of seeing an inert pie plate hovering over Jburg. The crustacean like aliens are over exposed and become uninteresting pretty quick. Yawn.

    All in all, that’s 9 pounds sterling and 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Avoid this one at all costs.

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