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Movie Analysis

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  • Classic Christmas Rewatch – Home Alone (1990)
    So I’ve been thinking about my favorite Christmas movie category – the ones I call Non-Christmas Christmas Films. This fun category includes such classics as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Gremlins. Iron Man 3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I have a useful list going here. But in that post, I ...
  • No Time To Die ends with an exclamation point but is filled with question marks
    Let me say up front that I really enjoyed No Time To Die. At least, I loved parts of it; the most important part: Bond. I want to make that clear because what’s going to follow will make it seem otherwise. I’d recommend to anyone who likes action movies that ...
  • James Bond, Mr. White, Dr. Madeleine Swann, and No Time To Die
    Dr. Madeleine Swann is a major character in the Bond franchise, set to reappear in No Time to Die.  In the trailer, Oberhauser warns Bond, “When her secret finds its way out, it will be the death of you.”  Who is this beautiful girl with a deadly secret?  What is ...
  • The Giant James Bond Rewatch – GoldenEye (1995)
    GoldenEye is an important Bond film.  It ended the six-year hiatus since License to Kill, during which Timothy Dalton quit and Alfred R. Broccoli stepped down as producer.  It introduced Pierce Brosnan in his first outing as James Bond.  And it was the basis for an extremely popular video game, one ...
  • What Famous Directors Have in Common 
    Hollywood directors all have their signature techniques and styles and the famous ones tend to introduce new shot framing, camera angles, lighting, transition effects, and more. They all have their own individual trademarks but what they have in common is their ability to bring their vision across to an audience. ...
  • What is Guy Ritchie’s Genius, and why do his Films have their Own Vibe?
    Guy Ritchie’s films are known for their unique style and dark tone. His film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, for example, is a perfect manifestation for his style. It has been said that his genius lies in his ability to create new worlds with every movie he directs. But what ...
  • The best YouTube channel about movies
    The Pop Culture Detective YouTube channel is hands down my favorite movie-related channel. Jonathan, the host, doesn’t do reviews of the latest movies, and he has zero content about entertainment news. What he has is analysis. I began watching Johnathan’s videos solely for the entertainment value, but in the process, I ...
  • Classic Movie Rewatch – Raiders Of The Lost Ark after 40 years
    What links a toilet cistern, fingering a cheese casserole, a Honda Civic rolling down a gravel path, whacking a pile of leather jackets with a baseball bat, and R2-D2? They’re all sound effects used during the production of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. The toilet cistern is the sound of the lid ...
  • Primer for Guardians of the Galaxy
    There are some spoilers here, but this is intended as a primer for the first 30 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1, that can at times be a little confusing. First, you need to have seen the after credit scene for Thor 2: The Dark World. That’s where ...
  • Movie Review – Greenland (and other disaster films)
    Disaster movies are my favorite genre. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not the best movies in the world by far. But damn good entertainment. Considering the genre as a whole, I think Greenland lands comfortably in the top third. Mild spoilers ahead. Dramatic, but not overly so One commonality among many disaster movies ...
  • Movie Analysis: A Deeper Look at Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat… Need I Say More? Wow. I’ve gotta start off saying I thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting may not have been top notch. Cole specifically… But the storyline was decent. The nostalgia was there. The corny humor sprinkled throughout. The finishes and fatalities…it was all worthwhile. There are spoilers below. Proceed ...
  • What’s in a Movie Analysis Essay?
    There seems to be no more enjoyable activity than working on a movie analysis essay. Make yourself some popcorn, get comfy on the couch, and watch an exciting movie. You can even invite your friends if you want to have fun. All you have to do is write down your ...
  • My Favorite YouTube Channels About Movies
    Pop Culture Detective Description: A series of video essays looking at media through a critical lens with an emphasis on the intersections of politics, masculinity and entertainment. Hosted by Jonathan McIntosh. Pop Culture Detective is hands down my favorite movie related YouTube channel. His videos aren’t short. Most of them run in the ...
  • Everything wrong with Wonder Woman 1984 and suggestions to fix it
        Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) is an insult to storytelling. It’s popular to blame the writers and directors in cases like this, but I think it’s clear that the decision makers — asshats — at Warner Brothers are the real reason WW84 is so bad. There’s a great article over at ...
  • Hobbitses – A Tolkien history – Behind the Lord of the Rings in epic fantasy films
      Typical! Wait decades for a film with hobbits in, and six come along at the same time! At least, that’s how it felt. Like many teens of the time, I had my copy of the single volume paperback edition of The Lord Of The Rings, shortly after it was first ...
  • The Dumb Movies – How films earn D grades at RunPee
    Here we are near the very bottom of the barrel, after detailed discussion of our A, B, and C range ratings. What films rate the “dumb” D grades at RunPee? How many movies are this bad…and what makes them suck? Just to be clear, a D grade is a FAIL, movie-wise, ...
  • How movies get C Grades at RunPee
    To start with: a C grade isn’t considered a bad movie. It’s just not a good one. It’s average. It can be mediocre, vanilla, fluffy, lightweight, ponderous — or most condemning of all: boring. But in all, these are watchable films. And since every movie is somebody’s favorite, we try to ...
  • What does the ending of JoJo Rabbit mean? (Spoilers)
    So why do JoJo and Elsa share a silly dance at the end of JoJo Rabbit? What does this even mean? When JoJo returns home from the movie’s World War II Nazi adventures, he lets Elsa out of his huge empty house, competently — for once — lacing the red leather ...
  • How do the movies in Star Wars stand up to the Bechdel test?
    Do the characters in Star Wars — movies ostensibly depicting future lives and worlds — pass the Bechdel test? I was up too late one night and decided to think this through. What is the Bechdel test, you ask? It’s generally accepted as whether a work of fiction features at least two ...
  • 5 Older Movies We’d Love Remakes Of (And 5 That Are Perfect)
    It is a truth universally acknowledged: a single movie in possession of a large following must be in want of a remake. At least, that’s how Hollywood executives seem to see things! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the real truth is that remakes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s even ...
  • Watching Outbreak in the time of CoVid-19
    I recently rewatched the 1994 disaster film Outbreak, because 1. I always loved that movie, 2. kind of dig diseases (I like science, okay?), and 3. there’s a real global pandemic happening right now. You’ve probably heard about that. Also, 4. I needed to get Peetimes for Outbreak, because I’m not the ...
  • Why Do Bad Guys Smoke in the Movies?
    Bad guys are smoking in the Movies It seems like smoking cigarettes is movie code for Villain Ahead. Why do the bad guys light up so much? It’s terrible for our lungs/longevity, but we’ve been brought up by the media to see smoking as cool and somewhat sexy (like a femme ...
  • Movie Rant – Why I hated Underwater
    I love Aliens and The Abyss; I’m a sucker for disaster and survival films, even if they aren’t wholly original. So, I was looking forward to watching Underwater. I caught it last night after rewatching Frozen 2 (and which I preferred to the original). But did I like Underwater? In a ...
  • Is the girl from A Quiet Place deaf in real life?
    Is the girl from A Quiet Place deaf in real life? In a word, yes. The girl, aptly played by Millicent Simmonds, is deaf and speaks American Sign Language. And she’ll definitely be in the follow-up film, but presumably older, wiser, and quieter. Representing Disability in A Quiet Place Actor-director John Krasinski ...
  • The Seven Droids We Love from Star Wars (and what exactly they do)
    We love our Star Wars Droids, big and little, especially when they are funny or maybe cute. Moreso when they are funny AND cute — like R2-D2 and BB-8. Every live-action Star Wars movie (plus The Mandalorian) has at least one memorable Droid character tagging along with their human owners. (Yes, ...
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