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Top Memphis Theaters & the Memphis Movie MeetUp

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RunPee fan and guest blogger Gavin Anderson shared a few movie theater reviews from his Memphis, Tennessee hometown. Gavin is the co-organizer for the Memphis Movie Meetup, dedicated to ensuring no one has to watch movies alone when in town…and provides a fun forum for discussing films afterwards,  often over cheesecake. 🍰

Here are Gavin’s words about the best places in Memphis to catch a movie. The group invites all movie-lovers to join them (see for dates and film titles):

Malco Powerhouse Cinema Grill

Our current favorite theater is the Malco Powerhouse Cinema Grill. They have a full menu restaurant with adult beverages in the theater, and you can take anything you order into the movie with you. They have lazy boy style seats, with electric controls for the foot rests, and they also recline (the only danger is falling asleep during the movie — LOL).

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At least 2 theaters in town (this being one of them) have IMAX screens. These are both what IMAX calls 2D, but which locals call LieMAX. They are really just a big screen, not true IMAX. Very disappointing, because we all thought during construction that we were getting a real IMAX in Memphis. 

Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill and IMAX

For our top movie choice, the fave is Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill & IMAX (note: not sure why they added Grill into the name, because this one does not have food like Powerhouse). I think this one has the most screens of any theater in Memphis, and therefore tends to have the most selection of movies to see.

Malco Ridgeway Cinema Grill

Malco Ridgeway Cinema Grill is the go to for eclectic movies that typically aren’t mainstream. They sort of have a grill and they do have adult beverages. And they have an older gen lazy boy type seat which doesn’t recline, but is still more comfortable than your average theater seat.

Malco Bartlett Cinema – Top 2nd Run Theater

The 4th theater I’d like to mention is the Malco Bartlett Cinema. This is what we call a second run theater. It runs movies that are already out of the mainstream theaters. It’s a little rundown, but all movies are $3.50, and it’s a good way to see a movie that you missed the first time around.

Other Memphis Theaters

There are other theaters in town, including a drive in theater (where you still get 2 movies for your admission), one non-Malco theater, and a whole slew of other Malco theaters in each little Memphis suburb, but those mentioned above are our main  Meetup hangouts.

The Memphis Movie Meetup Group

Our group is on We serve as a way for folks to see movies together, instead of alone. And then we usually go out for dinner or dessert  after the show! We discuss what we thought of the movie, which ones we are looking forward to seeing next, and which other current movies we’ve seen and what we thought of them. We had 13 people at Star Wars this weekend, and then went out for cheesecake afterward.

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Guest Post by Gavin Anderson, co- organizer for the Memphis Movie Meetup. Gavin writes, “I went home to visit my family in WA over Christmas holiday and took 9 of my nieces and nephews to see Star Wars in 3D. We had a blast. Hope you did, too. Appreciate everything you guys do!”

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