Mega-fake-ladon – How Discovery Channel Deceives People for Viewership

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to what people can be deceived into believing. But in my humble opinion, it is criminal for a media company, or anyone, to knowingly deceive people just to get views. Please watch the video (below), but please don’t watch Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The Discovery Channel needs to learn what it’s like to get bitten by the public for their lies.

How do you feel about shows like this? I’d like to read your comments.

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2 Replies to “Mega-fake-ladon – How Discovery Channel Deceives People for Viewership”

  1. Thought what a concept!! Let’s make a BS mockumentary, even run a sequel which results in a Ton of bad press for us and Shark Week. Wait a few years then make a NEW show, run it during Shark Week on the heals of Major Studio Movie and bash the Original 2 Mockumentaries as absurd. Was fun watching the current ‘experts’ roll there eyes and crack jokes about the previous actors/experts.

    1. I don’t have a problem with companies making a mockumentary. Those are great fun. But running it as actual science and just having one brief plug at the very end that this is fiction is misleading. All they care about is sensationalizing a topic and getting viewers and not how they are misleading people. Because if just one person thinks this is real science it’s one too many.

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