Friday’s Panels at Comic Con San Diego 2020 – Free, Online Edition

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Today’s running notes on San Diego’s Comic [email protected]…Friday July 24, 2020. It’s online and free this year due to the pandemic, so the world gets to enjoy unlimited panels with no lines.

10am PST — Charlize Theron: Evolution of a Badass – An Action Hero Career Retrospective

A really worthwhile serious one on one hour interview about working as an action hero in the industry. Very good panel, very worth watching.

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11am PST — Nothing I’m interesting in seeing….So I am viewing another from 10: The Mandalorian and His Many Gadgets

If you are a Star Wars: Mandalorian fan this is worth seeing. Good stuff.

Noon PST — Star Wars Authors

Timothy Zhan is the only author here I’ve heard of. His SW EU books were really good, if memory serves. This wasn’t very exciting.

1pm PST  — Hollywood Location Scouts

This is the first one of the day I’m looking forward to. Neat so far: Location cuts shown from Spectre, Blade Runner 2049, 1917, World War Z, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ready Player One, Star Trek: Picard, The Last Ship, 911: Lone Star, Constantine, Game Night, Atlanta, Shadow Hunters, October Faction, American Gods, Fast Five, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame. 

Nice talk. I want their jobs.

2pm PST — The Psychology of Star Trek vs Star Wars

Team Trek vs Team Wars! The mental places old Luke and Picard feel, vs Rey and Micheal Burnam.

This one is really worth watching. Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you!

3pm PST — Nothing Interesting…

It’s okay. I can catch up on things that I missed earlier. This is what’s nice about the online version this year — I can catch all kinds of things that are boring now.

4pm PST — Remote Real-Time: The Age of Virtual Production

Not bad, but I was distracted the whole time.

5pm PST — Deep Blue Sea 3: The Panel!

You like shark movies? Here we go with clips and bonus features. Mildly enjoyable.

6pm PST –TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites

I just fast forwarded through parts of this to see Jeri Ryan (7 of 9) for part of it on Star Trek: Picard. I just don’t know the others, except the transgender one Glee actor. I couldn’t sit and watch most of this, because I’m not up on the other actor shows. I had to move on to the Klingon theatrical show…

6pm PST — Klingon Lifestyles : The Alone Alone Year

Amusing as usual. But not great.

7pm PST — 32nd Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

This is normally a really big party. It’s all all home alone now. I wasn’t very impressed with this year’s at home version — I had no idea who any of the nominees where besides the Calvin & Hobbs author (Bill Watterson).

Saturday looks like there will be some great panels! See you on the biggest day of each Comic Con with no lines for Hall H!



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