How Wonder Woman 84 did in the Peeple’s Poll

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There are some interesting, and mixed, results based on votes that RunPee fans submitted for Wonder Woman 1984. Overall the news isn’t great.

WW84 results from both men and women

Average expectation vote 76.5
Average After-movie vote 73.7
Difference -2.8

WW84 didn’t meet expectations, which is pretty rare for any movie. In 2020 there were 22 movies that had at least 50 votes submitted in the Peeple’s Poll. (The cutoff for minimum number of votes needed to be valid. Normally the cutoff is 100 movies, but 2020 is the year of exceptions.) Of those 22 movies only 3 failed to meet expectations, WW84 being one of them.

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With an overall Final Rating of 76.5 WW84 comes in as the 14th ranked movie of 2020, just a notch below Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. (Ouch.)

Not all bad news

If we separate out the ratings submitted by women WW84 does just slightly better than expectations.

Women only
Average expectation vote 79.3
Average aftermovie vote 80.9
Difference +1.6

However, that comes with the caveat that men really didn’t like this movie.

Men only
Average expectation vote 75.6
Average aftermovie vote 70.9
Difference -4.7

There weren’t enough votes to justify breaking down the results by age.

Speaking of Birds of Prey, it’s worth a quick comparison between these two superhero movies with female leads.

Including men and women Birds of Prey had a much lower expectation score.

BoP WW84
Average expectation vote 70.8 76.5
Average After-movie vote 76.0 73.7
Difference +5.2 -2.8

But as you can see, it did significantly better than expected. The audience results at Rotten Tomatoes echo the same conclusion: WW84 has a 73% while BoP has a 78%.


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  • jill florio

    Jill Florio Administrator

    Cool data. Any idea why men disliked WW 1984? I wish I could see this movie! I wonder (woman) if it’s that bad.

    I haven’t seen BoP yet either. Or Tenet. So my top 20 in 2020 isn’t looking that great. I’m finding it hard to list movies that I think are at least in the B range, and most of them are films I had to stream. Haven’t been in the theater since Feb. Or maybe Jan. That’s seriously weird.

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    I think the obvious reason that women rate these movies higher is that they have a character to root for. Although there may be other reasons. Digging into statistics, and trying to find meaning, can be tricky. I need to do an analysis of action/superhero movies in general to see how women vote.

    It’s worth mentioning that overall women rate movies higher than men. I believe the vote here for WW84 is a bit above the normal range of difference between men and women. But when you take that general bit of data into account the difference isn’t so striking.

  • mjprocopio

    Hi Dan, I think you are being a little harsh saying men didn’t like the movie. Men rated 70.9 after movie which is the #17 ranking based on your previous post on the top 23 movies of 2020. I like WW84 but I agree it was flawed. I’m hoping for better for WW3.

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    Hi M. I suppose it’s all about context. A 70.9 is pretty low. In a normal year with a full roster of movies WW84 would have placed right around the cutoff between the bottom and middle third. For a movie of this caliber, with the future of the DCU at stake, I don’t think there’s any way to look at that as a positive.

    So as a group, men rated WW84 pretty low. Of course some men loved it. I don’t know if you read my review, but I really didn’t like it. I had to apologize to my family for making them watch it on Christmas Day. 🙂

    As long as these DCU movies make money they’ll keep making the movies, but the DCU has already gotten off to a bad start. I think most people feel that the first WW was the best the DCU had to offer to this point. If they can’t do better than this going forward then the DCU may not have long to live.

  • mjprocopio

    We agree on the status of the DCU overall they are not hitting the mark. Even their TV shows, I’m thinking Doom Patrol just don’t compare well to the MCU. I hope the Znyder cut and WW3 are better.

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    Awww man. I was looking forward to watching Doom Patrol. 🙂

    I’ll probably still watch it, as soon as we finish up “The Expanse.”

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