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The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, is set to open in theaters on March 4th, 2020. Brace yourself, because the movie runtime is reported to be two hours and fifty-five minutes (175 min), with the last eight minutes being the credits. It’s currently unknown if there is an extra scene during, or after, the end credits. But, rest assured, we’re on top of it and will report the news in the RunPee app as soon as possible.

The one-hundred and seventy-five-minute runtime make The Batman the third-longest movie since the RunPee app was created 13 years ago. I’m really surprised the creators didn’t just decide to split it in half and make it a two-parter. That seems to be the trend in Hollywood these days, as you get to sell two tickets for essentially one movie.

The longest movies in the RunPee Database

Title length release date
Avengers: Endgame 182 2019-04-26
The Wolf Of Wall Street 179 2013-12-25
The Batman 175 2022-03-04
Cloud Atlas 172 2012-10-26
The Hobbit 169 2012-12-14
It Chapter Two 169 2019-09-06
Interstellar 168 2014-11-07
The Hateful Eight 166 2015-12-25
Boyhood 165 2014-07-11
Django Unchained 165 2012-12-25
The Dark Knight Rises 164 2012-07-20
Transformers Age Of Extinction 164 2014-06-27
Blade Runner 2049 163 2017-10-06
No Time to Die 163 2021-10-08
Avatar 162 2010-08-27
Watchmen 162 2009-03-06

Are movies getting longer?

Short answer, no.

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Take a look at the table below and you’ll notice that between 2009—when we started adding movies to the RunPee database—and 2019, the average movie runtime for each year has varied between 106.5 (1h 46min) and 111.3 (1h 51min). That’s essentially a 5-minute variation. Since 2020 the numbers have been…non-normal. But let’s face it, what has been normal since 2020?

I expect that by the end of 2022 we’ll see movie runtimes averaging around 110 minutes for the year, despite the uber-long The Batman runtime.

Year avg runtime
2009 106.5
2010 107.0
2011 106.8
2012 108.6
2013 110.5
2014 110.4
2015 111.3
2016 109.6
2017 110.2
2018 110.4
2019 111.3
2020 105.6
2021 116.0
2022 109.8

What year shows the most bladder-bursting movies?

An interesting observation is to take a look at the first table of the 16 longest movies in the RunPee database and notice that 4 of those movies were released in 2012. However, 2012 ended up with an average runtime of only 108 minutes, which ranks 8th in the 11 years we are counting. So 4 uber-long movies do little to move the needle when it’s averaged into a group of another 150+ movies.

Even an average-length movie, plus 20-25 minutes of previews before the movie, is a long time for a bladder to fill up. Even for the people who can hold it that long the question is, can you do it comfortably?

Personally, I’d rather dash to the restroom at an opportune time in the middle so that I can sit comfortably end enjoy the climax of the movie. That’s in fact how the RunPee app was born, due to an extended bladder at the end of the 2005 remake of King Kong.

Definitely make sure you remind your friends to use the RunPee app before they go see The Batman. Their bladders will thank you.

What people are saying
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dd33803, 07/05/2023

This is a great app. I wish more people would support it

This app provides info about movies, reviews, ratings from people who have seen it before and after viewing. It has links to info about the movies. It let’s you know when there will be a lull in the action and how long it will last. If you want to know what happens during that time, you can check the brief synopsis (you have to click a link, so no accidental spoilers). It has a timer you can set (silent) to alert you to a break. It also tells you whether there is anything extra during or after the credits. It’s really a wonderful app. I’ve subscribed for a couple of years to support the developers, but I noticed some of the links to provide feedback didn’t seem to work today. They also made it free, with voluntary donations to see the pee-times. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so, and subscribe if you like it. I really hope the app is supported so it can continue to be maintained!

Developers note: RunPee doesn’t make much money but it supports itself nicely. Donations are appreciated, but not required. We’ll add as many movies to the database as we can until there are no more movie theaters.

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2 responses to “Holy bladder-bursters Batman, your new film is almost 3 hours long”

  1. I just finished watching The Batman, and I always go pee before but holy cow this movie was so long, are you sure movies aren’t getting longer. I thought it was a fantastic movie but I was curious at what happened at the ends. I lasted until Catwoman and the Bat started talking but all I could think about was peeing. Could someone fill me in? Did I miss anything?

  2. Hi Irene. It sounds like you didn’t know about the RunPee app until after the movie. That’s a shame. It was a perfect time to use it. We have four good Peetimes spaced out throughout the movie.

    I don’t remember specifically which scene you’re talking about. It sounds like the scene where Cat Woman used the bat signal to call Batman and Lt. Gordon to a meeting. I don’t remember the specifics of what they discussed. Sorry.

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