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Privacy Policy

What’s important to know about RunPee is that we do not, and will not, share your personal information with any third parties — ever. (I’ve been offered money for such things and flatly turned them down.)

What Personal Data do we have?

If you’re registered then we have your email address. Again, we don’t share it with others, and we don’t send unsolicited emails unless it is administratively critical. If you submit your vote in the Peeple’s Poll then we’ll know your age and gender. We only use this information to aggregate into charts and such. We track which movies you’ve seen in your Movie Library. That’s pretty much it.

You can delete this information at any time inside the RunPee app — tap on the menu at the top-right and select My Data. 

Let’s see, what else?

We use Google Analytics to keep track of the analytics in the app. This is completely anonymous and is not related to your email address.

Now for the legal stuff that I was told I should put here.

Non-personal or Aggregate Information that we collect: We may collect non-personally identifiable information, such as IP host address, pages viewed, operating system type, duration and frequency of visits or other data, and may aggregate any information collected in a manner which does not identify any individual (“Aggregate Information”). Aggregate Information obtained in connection with the RunPee app may be intermingled with and used by us in conjunction with information obtained through sources other than the app, including both offline and online sources. Aggregate Information may be shared by us with third parties by allowing them to link to and collect data from the app. This data will be used for their benefit and for ours, for marketing advertising or other purposes, including analysis of the app for purposes of improving your experience with the app.

Other Sites and Applications: As a convenience to you, we may provide links to third-party sites from within our app. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any third parties or third-party sites. We encourage you to review these privacy policies to ensure that you are familiar with their terms.

If you use any extra plug-ins or third party applications (“Applications”) in connection with the Site, the provider(s) of these Applications may obtain access to certain personal information about you. We do not and cannot control how the providers of Applications may use any personal information collected in connected with such Applications. Please be sure to review any privacy policies or other terms applicable to your use of these Applications prior to installation.

Third Party Apps: Certain features of the RunPee app or advertising in the app may access third party apps on your phone, like your messaging app. No personal information is stored by RunPee in accessing any third party app.”

Changes to this Privacy Policy: We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of any changes to this Privacy Policy means you accept and consent to such changes.