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Get the Infinity Peecoin free for signing up for Google Fi

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Google Fi is a cellular service offered by, you know, Google. I’ve been using Fi for a long time, like back when it was invite only, and I love it. Use the link below to sign up for Fi and we both get $20 off after your first 30 days with the service. And at that point I’ll give you the Infinity Peecoin for free. ($20 value.)

Sign up for Google Fi here.

If you do sign up please email me ([email protected]) so I’ll know who to reward the Infinity Peecoin to.

I would encourage you to do your own research on Google Fi, but here’s what I like about it:

If you travel internationally this is the service to have
There’s zero setup involved to get international service. My wife is Chinese and when we visit China I’m online before the plane reaches the gate. And let me tell you, when you’re traveling internationally, the last thing you want to deal with is cellular service once you arrive. Also, if you visit China then somehow Google has a deal with the Chinese government to allow Google Services to work. In case you didn’t know, the only Google service that works in China is Google Translate. EVERYTHING else is blocked. So if you go to China don’t expect to check your Gmail at all until you leave. Unless you have Google Fi.

It was easy for me to create a hotspot, for free, on my phone and share my data with my laptop and keep up with my business. Without Google Fi I would have been screwed.

Another great thing is that data costs $10/Gigabyte everywhere
That’s in the USA, or China, Sumatra, Singapore, where ever.

Super easy and transparent billing
I’ve never been shocked by a large bill.

Great customer support
I haven’t needed it in years, but you can always talk to a person about technical issues and get real help.

If you have trouble getting a good cellular signal at home then you’ll love Google Fi
That’s because if you’re connected to WiFi then your calls go over WiFi instead of the cellular network and you’ll get super clear calls, even if you have no signal at all. When you’re away from WiFi Google Fi switches between Sprint and T-Mobile, depending on which has the best signal.

Stock Android
Enjoy the native Android experience without all the crap that various carriers pile on top. That means when a new version of Android comes out your phone will update over the air right away. No need to wait months, or years, for AT&T or Verizon to screw with it.

My wife and I share an account and every month, for the past few years, our bill is consistently $50-$55.

Final thoughts
After decades of cellular service I always chose the carrier I hated the least. I’m so happy that for the past 5 years or so I haven’t ever, not one time, gotten pissed about something Google Fi did. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to hate my cellular carrier. That’s great, because there’s plenty of things to hate on in the USA. I’m I right?

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