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Bidet: the height of civilization

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Have you ever used a bidet? I’m guessing most Americans haven’t, since my first encounter with one was in China, but no joke: they are the height of civilization.

For those who don’t know exactly what they are: a bidet is a device that squirts warm water upwards onto your toosh to help clean things up down there after doing your business.

Here’s the bidet I installed in our bathroom.

You can purchase this bidet on, currently for $249. There are cheaper ones but I specifically wanted one that applied heated water, because yikes, who wants cold water on their toosh?

This was super easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools. You can probably do it yourself in 30 minutes or less.

The bidet fits most elliptical-shaped toilets. They have a size diagram on the product page you can use to see if this will fit your toilet.

I got this as a gift for my wife for Valentine’s Day. Guys, let me tell you, this makes a great gift. It is very helpful for women when they are menstruating.

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11 responses to “Bidet: the height of civilization”

  1. Sarah E Smithers Avatar
    Sarah E Smithers

    I concur.
    Though I got the $30 model and it’s really not that cold..
    Real easy to install..
    And I don’t think I go above the second setting, because it can be a power washer..

  2. I think the “really not that cold” depends on where you live. Here in Asheville, NC the cold water temperature during the winter freezes my hands. I wouldn’t want it on my tooshy. 🙂 But if you live someplace that’s warm in the winter a non-heated version might suffice.

  3. Sarah E Smithers Avatar
    Sarah E Smithers

    I’m in Ohio, it gets cold..
    But I’m also not a dude, so you might have a point, but the tushy can handle it..

  4.  Avatar

    We have a cold one in Ohio. If you ain’t right, it’ll make you right!

  5.  Avatar

    Can that many Frenchmen be wrong?

  6. lol, good answer.

    Although, I think bidets are far more common in Japan. I’ve been to France and barely remember seeing on. But in Japan they have them at McDonalds.

  7. Hi Dan…..long time no read.


    ..the bidet.

    It changed. My. Life.


    Show Ponies!

    Ice Cream!


  8. ROFL. I know how you feel. My wife and I are on a working vacation in San Fran right now and we’re without our bidet. I am sad every time I have to poop. 🙂

  9. Trish4sure Avatar

    I discovered bidets in S. Korea and believe they are the height of luxury. No one should be without one. And cold is totally the old french way

  10. We discovered the bidet toilet seat in Japan in 2009. I hand carried one home and will never live without it. We are on our third one!

  11. I know!!! When my wife and I go on vacation we lament that we have to leave our bidet behind.

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