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Avatar – plot too simple? Actually, a good idea.

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Avatar is interesting in the context that the world of Pandora is a huge fantasy treat to an aging geek like me. The storyline is predictable; the acting is pedestrian; there is really nothing “new” here in terms of plot or character. I’ve read all the complaints from people expecting more from Cameron.

People whinge about the simple plot. It’s enjoyable, but retread ground for sci fi buffs. And it didn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t even mind how crazy that Colonel gets; I assume he’s a habitual steroid abuser. It all fits if you think about it that way. Maybe the director’s cut will prove me right.

So, okay. So I didn’t cry in this film. I did come close a couple of times and I did care deeply about what was happening. I think Cameron was wise in weaving a simple story – he wasn’t out to tweak your mind in a Matrix way. That would detract from the canvas he’s created, in having a theater experience be so immersive! This is the most beautiful film ever made. I might have thought that previously about the New Zealand sets in Lord of the Rings…but honestly, there is simply no comparison.

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This movie must be seen in 3D to truly understand the hype about Avatar. I normally dislike 3D films – I find ‘flinching’ effects cheap and exploitive. They take me out of the experience. A solid film doesn’t need to resort to this; Cameron proves 3D can be used in service to a good movie. After the first half hour you even forget you are wearing the glasses. The timing is just about right for when you need to get lost in the wonders of planet Pandora.

In fact, I want my next vacation there. Can I sign up for my own Avatar? Can I tame a dragon and swoop around the Hallelujah Range?

Since this kind of jaunt isn’t likely any time soon, I’ll just have to see Avatar again, and in IMAX 3D.

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6 responses to “Avatar – plot too simple? Actually, a good idea.”

  1. I loved the movie. My kids saw it TWICE they loved it so much. It was so great. The visuals, the sounds, the story, all of it was awesome to me.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Judy Salceo, Professional in Human Resources (PHR) =-.

  2. I keep thinking that I need to see it more before it leaves the theaters, since the at-home experience will never be quite like the 3D large screen surround sound experience. That somehow makes me sad.

  3. For 15 bucks, I expect something a little more engaging. This movie did NOTHING for me . . . oh, except waste 2 hours 40 min of my life.

  4. Sorry to hear you did not enjoy it, Sloane. This is one of those movies people either love or revile, I guess.

  5. I have yet to see the movie and was exicted to see it until I saw an image online comparing Avatar to Disney’s Pocahontas. After I thought about it, it seemed very true. But I still have yet to see the movie.
    .-= Stephan Miller´s last blog ..Going Global – A Small Business Guide =-.

    1. @Stephan, I thought the Avatar / Pocahontas comparison was hilarious. And it is true. And it doesn’t matter. Really, how often does a movie come out that has anything truly original? When you boil it down most stories are just a retelling of something Shakespeare wrote about. And he was retelling a lot of what the ancient Greeks wrote about.

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