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A few of my favorite movies that you probably didn’t see

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Here are a few movies that I really love that maybe you haven’t heard of.

Finding Forrester (2000)


Finding Forrester, directed by Gus Van Sant, is a poignant exploration of friendship, mentorship, and the power of the written word. The film tells the story of Jamal Wallace, a talented young African-American student played by Rob Brown, who crosses paths with William Forrester, a reclusive Pulitzer Prize-winning author portrayed by Sean Connery.

At its core, Finding Forrester is a film about breaking down stereotypes and challenging societal expectations. Jamal defies the odds as he navigates the predominantly white, elite world of a prestigious prep school in New York. His burgeoning friendship with Forrester, an eccentric and reclusive writer, opens up new horizons for both characters.

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Sean Connery delivers a remarkable performance as Forrester, a character reminiscent of the reclusive author J.D. Salinger. His portrayal captures the complexity of a brilliant mind seeking redemption and connection. This is one of the few times you see Sean Connery in a meaty role that doesn’t involve any action and allows him to display what a well-rounded actor he is.

The film beautifully explores the transformative power of writing as Forrester guides Jamal in honing his literary talent. It’s a tale of mentorship that transcends generational, racial, and cultural boundaries.

Finding Forrester encourages viewers to challenge preconceived notions and embrace the richness of human relationships. It’s a celebration of intellect, creativity, and the profound impact one person can have on another’s life.

Ultimately, Finding Forrester is a heartwarming and inspiring cinematic journey that reminds us of the boundless potential within us all.


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Michael Linhart

July 30, 2023

My bladder thanks you so much!! App works great for telling u when and for how long you have a pee break! I didn’t use the timer function so the dialog in the movie was a great clue as to when to go. I also liked the info about each movie to know whether there was any extra scenes during or after the credits. Nothing worse than waiting for all the credits and then no extra scene.

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Colossal (2016)


Starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Colossal is a refreshingly unique take on the monster movie genre. This film skillfully blends elements of sci-fi, comedy, and drama to create an engaging and thought-provoking story.

Hathaway delivers one of the best performances of her career as Gloria, a woman dealing with personal demons and addiction issues. Her character’s journey from aimlessness to self-discovery is both captivating and relatable. Sudeikis, known for his comedic roles, surprises with his portrayal of Oscar, a childhood friend of Gloria’s who becomes entangled in a mysterious supernatural phenomenon. Their on-screen chemistry adds depth to the complex relationship between their characters.

“Colossal” also explores themes of control, power, and the destructive nature of addiction, all while maintaining a darkly comedic tone. Director Nacho Vigalondo manages to balance these elements skillfully, creating a movie that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. It’s like how a writer at MasterPapers develops a good essay; they start by choosing a topic, researching it, and putting what they gather on paper to achieve a quality piece.

Overall, “Colossal” is a thought-provoking and entertaining film that offers a fresh perspective on the monster movie genre, driven by compelling performances from its talented cast. It’s a must-see for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Core (2003)


The Core, directed by Jon Amiel, is a sci-fi disaster film that often finds itself underappreciated in the realm of cinematic storytelling. Released in 2003, the movie takes audiences on a thrilling and imaginative journey to the Earth’s core.

While The Core may not be held in the same regard as some other sci-fi classics, it deserves recognition for its bold and unconventional take on the genre. The film’s premise revolves around a group of scientists and specialists who embark on a daring mission to save the planet from an impending electromagnetic catastrophe. To do so, they must travel deep into the Earth’s core in a fantastical vessel called the Virgil.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its ensemble cast, featuring talented actors like Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, and Stanley Tucci. Their performances bring depth to the characters and humanize the high-stakes mission. The story focuses on these characters and their relationships as they try to save the planet from imminent destruction.

What sets The Core apart is its audacious concept, taking science fiction to the innermost reaches of our planet. It delves into the uncharted territory beneath the Earth’s surface, offering a unique blend of adventure, science, and speculative fiction. While the science in the film may not always align with reality, it sparks curiosity and imagination, inviting viewers to ponder the mysteries of our planet. And I would argue that the science in this movie isn’t any more unrealistic than warp drive or teleportation. Which is to say that they are equally impossible. That’s why we call it science fiction. 🙂

Furthermore, The Core boasts impressive visual effects that capture the grandeur and danger of the Earth’s core. The journey through the molten layers of the planet is a visual spectacle that keeps audiences engaged and awestruck.

In a genre that often relies on space exploration, “The Core” stands out for its courage to venture into the unknown right beneath our feet. It may not be a critically acclaimed masterpiece, but it entertains, fascinates, and reminds us that there are still uncharted territories to explore, even within our own world. For these reasons, “The Core” deserves a second look and recognition as an underappreciated gem in the realm of science fiction cinema.

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