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6 things you must know before seeing Noah

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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
  1. Filmmakers followed biblical ark design
    Instead of creating a super cool Hollywood version of the ark, the director insisted on using the measurements giving in Genesis.  “30 cubits high, by 50 cubits wide, by 300 cubits long and three levels high.”  How big is a cubit?  We don’t know.
  2. Shot in Iceland
    The director decided not to go with the traditional sandy desert look. Instead, he wanted to portray the ancient world as green and lush.
  3. Who are “The Watchers”?
    The rock-like beasts in the film are based on the Bible’s account of anti-deluvian creatures called “Nehpilim”, who were fallen angels and possibly giants.  They are voiced by actors Mark Margolis, Nick Nolte and Frank Langella.
  4. Did Pope Francis see the movie?
    No. Despite Russell Crowe trying to arrange a private audience with the Pontiff through Twitter, this Pope doesn’t watch movies. Crowe and Aronofsky did meet the Pope during a public event last week, while they were traveling in Rome to promote the film.
  5. Noah is banned in some Muslim countries
    Qatar, Indonesia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have all banned the movie Noah from showing in their country. They all claim the reason is that the Koran also features Noah as a prophet, and Islam prohibits depicting the likeness of any profits, considering it taboo.
  6. 6. Director Darren Aronofsky’s long relationship with Noah
    Though Aronofsky considers himself an atheist, he was raised Jewish and wrote a poem about Noah when he was only 13-years-old.  The poem won an award and started his career as a story teller.

    Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
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