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5 Best tech movies that every programmer must watch

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Today more than ever, programmers are tasked with creating cutting-edge software for businesses. But what’s the best way to keep up with trends and learn new skills? Watching movies! Plenty of them in fact. Whether you’re a beginner programmer or a seasoned veteran, these five films will undoubtedly help you learn something new and expand your skill set. In this article, we’ll briefly mention the 5 best tech movies that every programmer must watch. So, here they are:

1) The Social Network

The Social Network immerses viewers into a dramatized version of the founding of Facebook. It follows Mark Zuckerberg and his domination of social media. Although the script is partially fictitious, it serves as an important reminder to why all programmers should remember not to take themselves too seriously and focus on creating something that will change people’s lives or how important it is to develop your ideas even while studying. Even if you think that grades are important and you don’t have enough time to implement your ideas, and you are constantly thinking about “who could do math homework for me,” you should delegate your assignments and try to realize your dreams. Sometimes this leads to success.

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BC 05 The Imitation Game

2) The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game follows the incredible life of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing. He’s considered one of the smartest people to have ever lived, yet he was also an incredibly tortured soul due to his homosexuality. This film not only describes his key role in World War II but serves as an unflinching reminder of why we must never allow ourselves to be led by fear, hatred, and discrimination. If you are a programming college student and you want essay-writing services, find the cheapest essay writing services around and you will have good time watching these movies and develop your programming skills.

3) The Internship

The Internship is an absolutely hilarious tale of two friends who are forced to work together for the summer. It serves as a great reminder about why it’s so important to keep a close circle of friends and enjoy each other’s company. This film also shows how far we have come in recent years and the fact that it depicts Google as a big company in an unflattering light is definitely worth mentioning.

4) The Matrix

From a programmer’s perspective, The Matrix is a movie that every programmer must watch. It serves as a reminder about the importance of being skeptical about everything and how dangerous it can be to trust anything we see without questioning it first. The matrix also encourages programmers to meditate and remember that the world around us is not as real as we think it is.5) Tron

Tron is widely considered the best film ever made by director Steven Lisberger. It takes place in the distant future where programs run computer-like and live inside each other. The film serves as an amazing depiction of the endless possibilities of virtual and augmented reality. And of course, the soundtrack to this movie is a masterpiece in itself. This film will give you a good understanding of how programmers think and how they’re going to approach the creation of virtual and augmented reality.


A programmer’s job is to create things for the rest of the world to use. And sometimes when we get too involved in our work, we forget what an impact it really has on the people around us. These five films will give you a reminder of why programmers’ lives matter and why your work matters. All five of these movies are a must-watch for every programmer out there.

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