Mark Ruffalo Sneaks in a Hulk Movie

We’ve had two prior Hulk movies that no one was happy with, and then Avengers rolled around. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was the one we’ve been waiting for, giving us a charming, understated underdog in his version of Bruce Banner. His friendship with Tony Stark was enchanting, fitting the two characters perfectly, while Banner’s surprising, tentative relationship with Black Widow was satisfyingly organic. Suffice to say Ruffalo could sell the big green goods.

All well and good. So, will we finally we get a proper Hulk movie? Apparently there are rights issues. Spiderman had rights issues, and it worked out just fine with Marvel’s Civil War and Homecoming. But at this point in the MCU (Phase Whatever), I’m not sure a Hulk standalone would fit. He’s showing up in a co-starring role tonight for Thor: Ragnarok (on a Thorsday, even), and his story will continue through Avengers 3 and 4 (the Infinity Wars).

According to this quick interview, Hulk gets his mini-movie snuck in over the course of the Marvel ensembles. I guess we’ll have to be content with that. If Ruffalo is fine with it, we can be too.

Mark Ruffalo on Hulk Movie  [<—- You Tube link]

But tonite, it’s hammer time! See you at Thor 3 …Rotten Tomatoes so far has it as the highest-rated Marvel film yet. I can’t wait.