Saving Mr. Banks – movie review

SavingMrBanksAn enchanting story from beginning to end. The story wove the past with the present – present being 1961 – beautifully. The flashbacks to Mrs. Travers’ past helped us understand her character and build the drama for the climax of the movie.

The acting was what you would expect if you are expecting perfection. Emma Thompson is one of my favorite actresses and she was the ideal choice for this role. Of course Tom Hanks does what Tom Hanks does with every role he performs.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of Colin Farrell’s performance but he did a masterful job portraying the loving, but tortured father, who inspired his daughter.

I was pleasantly surprised that Paul Giamatti had a small part in the film. After doing a little research I discovered that his character isn’t based on any single person in reality but was added to give Mrs. Travers someone to warm up to. They certainly cast the perfect actor for the role. Giamatti does a great job at playing understated, but likeable characters.

There is a fair amount of humor although little of it is of the laugh out loud variety.

Confession: I’ve never read the book or scene the movie Mary Poppins. All through the movie I confused the movie “Mary Poppins” with “Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks”, which I have seen, and enjoyed, many times. It wasn’t until the end of “Saving Mr. Banks” that I realized my confusion. I wonder if anyone else will do the same thing.

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