Movie review: The Possession

Grade: D+

Since the dawn of Run Pee I have been delegated to seeing all horror movies. The reason being is I love them. I love the feeling of sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the moment that my popcorn goes flying and I spill my drink. The moments that you don’t want to look but the dark side of your brain is craving the thrill. I grew up with Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Chucky and Michael Myers. These guys are icons, idols to me. As much as I love them all, a new wave has hit us. The Ring, Paranormal Activity, The Grudge and of course the last twenty-two Saw movies. Each of them have one thing in common. They weren’t The Possession. Thank God. I did not really enjoy this movie. It wasn’t horrible but I definitely should have waited for the DVD.

Due to the fact that every horror movie concept has been done at least two hundred different ways at this point, there are only a few things that make them stand apart. One is the acting. Do the actors bring it? Natasha Calis as Em did a pretty good job. So did Jeffrey Dean Stanton as Clyde, the father. Everybody else, not so much. I was really disappointed in Kyra Sedgwick and Grant Show. They were flat and at moments totally over acted. It felt really disjointed to me. Secondly, they did a horrible job on character development. I had so many why’s wondering through my brain that I couldn’t enjoy what I was watching. The movie really dragged so they should have at least bored me with some of the back story. Maybe then I could have identified with the characters better. Also, the movie is plagued with plot holes. They stuck scenes in there that I thought at the time would be laced up later in the movie. Nope, they never touched basis on them again. All in all, I was disappointed.

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis) owes RunPee Sis a huge debt of gratitude. She sees any movie needed with no complaints and has done so for ten years (even basing Thanksgiving and Christmas family festivities around the seeing films). In 2015 Sis ran the entire RunPee enterprise herself, while RunPee Dan, Jilly and Mom went traipsing off to Europe. Sis is the spider in the web holding the RunPee family together — besides being a funny, well rounded person, and a joyous pleasure to be around. Her favorite films start and end with horror (which thank goodness she’s happy to see, since most of us don’t have the stomach for it) — but also likes silly comedies, sad dramas, and musicals of all types. If you’ve used a Peetime for a scary film, you probably have RunPee Sis to thank for it.

Favorite movie genre: Horror, horror, and more horror. The more disturbing, the better. Period.


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