Movie review: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings PlaybookGrade: A

*Silver Linings Playbook* was a grade-A, heartfelt, comedy.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence had great chemistry  together from the very beginning. Bradley continues to impress that he’s not just another pretty face and Jennifer stepped into her “big girl shoes” for this movie – after what I thought was a rather stiff performance in *Hunger Games*.

*Silver Linings Playbook* is a movie that explores the issues of humanity while keeping you laughing at the same time. That’s a challenging task but the entire cast did a great job which is a sign of good directing by David O. Russell, who also directed *The Fighter*

Robert De Niro’s character wasn’t one easily achieved but no one could have done a better job. But then we say that of most of De Niro’s performances.

Overall, Silver Linings Playbook was a mature moral story that I’m sure most of the audience will find something to relate to.

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