Movie review: Resident Evil: Retribution

Grade: F

Please, there is enough pain and suffering going on in the world. Don’t add to it by going to see this movie.

First of all the movie is very, VERY short. Yes, the runtime is 95 minutes but the credits are 10 minutes long. That leaves 85 minutes of movie. But, the first 3 minutes of the move is the end of the previous Resident Evil movie played backward – FOR 3 MINUTES. And then we get to see a 4+ minute exposition by Alice that covers the plot of all of the Resident Evil movies. That leaves just 78 minutes for the movie.

The acting is pretty good except for the parts where the actors talk. When they do that it becomes world class horrible acting. In one scene I thought it looked like actors who are acting bad on purpose.

The plot is just a mashup of all the other Resident Evil movies combined with *The Block* – where the protagonists must fight their way through one level after another – with a dash of *Aliens* thrown in just for spice.

The action was typical for a Resident Evil movie. Nothing to get excited about.

I saw it in 2D so I can’t say for sure but aside from a few knives thrown at the screen I expect the 3D version is probably  lame.

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