Movie review: Perfect Pitch

Grade: A

The name says it all. Pitch Perfect. I seriously didn’t see or hear anything I didn’t like. This was one of those movies that you are constantly smiling through. When the characters excel, you feel overjoyed for them. When they fail, you feel their pain.

The singing in this movie was fantastic! There is a scene that takes place in a giant empty pool where a lot of the groups have gathered. They are there for a riff off. That particular scene was so cool that it gave me chill bumps. The way they can sing without any music just dumbfounds me. If you are a fan of singing movies, you can’t miss this one.

Some characters didn’t have huge roles but they still pulled off stellar performances. Based on what I saw we will be seeing more of these lesser known actors take off. Two thumbs up for sure!

Christene Johnson (RunPee Sis)

Favorite movie genre: horror

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