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Our Family Wedding
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Surprise sleeper hit! Excellent writing, gales of genuine laughter and an appealing ensemble cast. A+ all around, and an example of how a movie should be done.

This was our favorite movie this year, so far. The fathers steal every scene from the game young couple, making you wish the snapshot photos during the end credits actually herald a return to these families’ lives.

It was challenging to find Peetimes for this film, since there are interesting and funny moments in every scene. Listen closely to the throw-away lines of some of the extended family members. This cast illustrates well the old chestnut of there being no small roles, only small actors.

There is a scene with a goat, where you realize (like the characters do), that Big Life Events are impossible to control once set in motion…and the best thing is to simply sit back and watch the mayhem play out. Then you pick up the broken wine glasses, straighten the tables, and blaze forward anyway.

If you enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ll see some echoes of that here, mixed in with Father of the Bride, Grumpy Old Men, and even the Odd Couple. Great soundtrack, too, which I plan to purchase. Everything associated with this film was simply stellar.

I actually want to go back and see it again. Maybe instead of seeing Cop Out! Oh, wait. I already saw Cop Out. Too bad. Our Family Wedding was the kind of surprise pleasure that a reviewer gets to enjoy once or twice a year…if she’s lucky.

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