Movie Review – Little Women

Since it has been a full half century since I read *Little Women*, I can’t comment on how well the movie tracks with the book. But really, it doesn’t matter because the book and this movie have very little in common.

The current *Little Women* is a chaotic mess. The thing that really stood out to me is the lack of continuity in this film. For instance, in one scene the ground is covered in snow, then, in the next scene Jo and Meg go off to a New Year’s Eve party where we see Meg outside standing near the pool. There’s no snow, no ice, only green trees and bushes in the background, and no one is wearing any kind of outer wear. I have to ask, who was in charge of the minor details, and how do we make sure this person never works in Hollywood again?

The frequent flash backs and flash forwards were really irritating, especially since the same actors played themselves both as teenagers and as adults, without much variation in their appearance. And don’t get me started on how quickly Jo’s hair grew back to the length it was before her act of solidarity.

All in all, I really disliked this movie, not only because of the above mentioned glaring mistakes, but also all the mechanics that goes into the making of a good movie were absent. I see a lot of the faith-based movies so I have a grasp of what makes them work; good writing, good directing, and good actors who believe in their character. It appeared to me that there was no chemistry between any of the characters, and no one had a good time making the movie. I certainly had no fun watching it.

Grade: C-

About these PeetimesThis movie was paced well, making it easy to get 2 good Peetimes. Both give you 4 minutes to break, so let your bladder decide.

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