Movie review – Limitless

[ No spoilers ]

I wasn’t expecting much out of this movie. In fact I thought it had limitlessly bad written all over it. Surprisingly it’s a pretty decent movie.

Bradley Cooper is certainly a solid actor and gives a fine performance. In fact he’s ideal for this roll. And of course Robert De Niro is his usual fantastic self and has much more than just a bit roll that I was expecting.

It was really the story that I thought had lameness written all over it. That’s where I was most surprised. The plot and pacing move along really well and stays grounded.

The real question is: should you watch this movie in the theater or wait for the DVD? I would lean towards watching this on DVD in a few months. There’s nothing so fantastic about it that you won’t miss anything watching it at home.

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  1. I enjoyed it alot more than expected, too. I think it’s a Theater Go See. It plays well on the big screen. Besides, Bradley Cooper’s eyes will surely NOT be so blue on the little screen! 🙂

    Loved the premise and everyone in it did a great job – the direction seems to be a star in this one, too.

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