Movie Review – Creed

It must be true that practice makes perfect, because Sylvester Stallone gave a remarkable performance as the aged Rocky. Just because an actor might have started out a little rough around the edges, or because they are typecast into a narrow range of roles, doesn’t mean that they can’t act. Given the right material, Stallone can do it as well as the best.

Michael Jordan (No not that one, the other one) was very good as Adonis Creed.

The fight scene choreography was well done, but didn’t equal that of other similar films.

The only things I didn’t like about the movie were were the romance and the training montages. I felt like the writers were determined to force a romantic subplot into the movie just to give it a little more symmetry with the first Rocky movie, and the training montages were just sort of bland. Of course I’m jaded, because the training montages in the early Rocky movies are legendary, but still.

By the way, pay attention to the throwaway line Rocky says at the end as they climb the steps, and remember that the name of the theme song in the first Rocky movie is “Gonna Fly Now.”

Movie Grade: B+

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