Hit Song From the Movie Smallfoot – Let It Lie – by Common

Really, this song is awesome, but is a spoiler. You’re warned!

I loved the animated Smallfoot, and even gave it a coveted A+ rating. One of the highlights that pushed it that stratospheric score are the appealing songs through out. The absolute, 100% standout number, goes to  Let It Lie, sang by the StoneKeeper (the singer Common). I listen to a daily, for some reason, set in my Work Playlist. It’s that good. It lends a true twist and deep backstory to an otherwise light and fun outing.

I originally included the song link in my Smallfoot review, but decided to tease it out into its own post to make it easier to search for and find (use the Magnifying Lens in the upper right navigation corner to Search for Let it Lie, or Common, or Smallfoot).

It’s too soon to show the video without using a bootleg copy, but you can give it a listen on the link below.

I must warn you now: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SMALLFOOT.  The song gives away the big secret, and it’s a doozy. You’ll want to keep this a surprise: it sends chills down my spine every time. It’s the also only song in a PG rated children’s movie that mentions genocide. That’s got be some kind of record!

So consider this a big Spoiler Alert. Stop here if you even PLAN to wait for the DVD.  

Movie Review – SmallFoot

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