Feedback needed for potential update to app

I’d love to get your feedback on a possible change to the app. Currently we have information about each Peetime at the top of the Peetime screen where we briefly describe what happens during each scene. That way you’ll have some idea if you’ll be missing an action scene, or character development, or whatever.

Would it be easier to digest if those brief descriptions were included under the cue for each Peetime? Or should I leave them all grouped together at the top?

The photos below show the current view and a mockup of what it would look like if I changed it.

Please let me know which you would prefer.

Currently looks like this ->

Current layout
Current layout


Possible change ->

Mockup of possible change.
Mockup of possible change.

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    1. Look at the top image where it has “suggested peetimes”. All of the descriptions of each Peetime is listed there. In the bottom image the descriptions are moved to the actual Peetime button – in [brackets].

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