iPhone Mobile Version of RunPee Now Released

Here is our new press release on the BRAND NEW, just released iPhone application, available at iTunes! YAY! We’re so thrilled it’s finally live and ready for $1.99 downloading. Our fresh press relase, for anyone who might like to post this:


Contact: Dan Florio, 310-977-0553




Newly Released iPhone App Let’s Moviegoers Know When to “Hold It” and When It’s Safe to “RunPee”

LOS ANGELES, Cailf. – July 1, 2009RunPee.com today launched an iPhone app version of its handy website that lets moviegoers know when it’s “safe” to run and empty their bladders during a film without missing a key part of the flick. The new RunPee app for the iPhone not only has a timer for every movie that lets film goers know exactly when it’s OK to hit the restroom, but it also gives them a quick summary of what happened while they were answering nature’s call. With the new RunPee iPhone app moviegoers can pop out of the theater knowing the only thing they’ll miss is the pain of “holding it” or the dreaded long line at the restroom at the end of the film. The app which can be downloaded from iTunes for only $1.99 covers all new film releases.

Dan Florio, creator of RunPee.com and the new iPhone app, says, “We’re on a mission to save bladders from blowing up in cineplexes across the nation and this new iPhone app is our trusty tool! Every movie has a few scenes that are not crucial to the plot, that you can safely miss and still follow the storyline when you sit back down. This iPhone app lets users know when the coast is clear so they never have to miss a good part again. Our iPhone app gives moviegoers “immunity” from the effects of mega-sized sodas and flushes away those grueling post-movie restroom lines where you have to wait your turn in pain and avoid awkward eye contact with the 30 other people in the restroom with you. Those lines really piss me off.”

Florio created the iPhone app in response to thousands of inquiries from iPhone users at the website RunPee.com who all wanted the same thing – an app version of the site that told them when it was safe to take a leak. Florio wanted to help iPhone users enjoy their movie going experience, quipping, “Because a bladder is a terrible thing to hold.”
Before the iPhone app version of the service, Florio came up with the idea for the website RunPee.com during the 3-hour run time of Peter Jackson’sKing Kong, where he said he wished someone could have told him when to duck out from the movie and, well…run pee. Since then, Florio has seen a lot of movies, paying closest attention to the parts that are okay to miss. The Global Mail reports, Florio looks for scenes that can easily be summed up in words “like a long car chase” or (are) simply so unexciting they can be recapped without sacrificing drama.”

The RunPee.com website that inspired the iPhone app has been lauded as a novel and important new Internet innovation. Comedy Central called it “the solution to cinematic urination.” CNET hails RunPee.com, “Genius!” while the Calgary Sun notes, “It’s taken off to become an online and pop sensation.” Entertainment Weekly, KNBC, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fox News, Boston Herald, the New York Times, LA Times, Gizomodo and Lifehacker.com have made note of the RunPee.com website. ( See a short 2 minute video about the site produced and aired by the ReelzChannel. )

The new iPhone app has a timer that can be started at the beginning of the film that keeps track of the elapsed time during the movie. This way the user can see at a glance how long they have to hold it until the next PeeTime. An update that is already being worked on will give the iPhone a slight vibration a few minutes before each PeeTime just in case the user forgets. Once in the restroom (or at the concession stand), the viewer can read the “spoiler” to find out what is happening on-screen for the few minutes that they are away.

For more information, contact Dan Florio [ polyGeek@RunPee.com ] or visit RunPee.com. Catch the new iPhone app at:http://tinyurl.com/runpeeapp
RunPee iPhone app
RunPee iPhone app
RunPee iPhone app
RunPee iPhone app
RunPee iPhone app

iPhone Apps just released Period Tracker – expect RunPee to follow

We just got word that yet another personal boldily function has been molded by iPhone into an application to make your life better and better. the uterus in its full gloryThis time the subject is a woman’s menstruation cycle. The app looks useful, thoughtfully planned and definately useful for women!

We figure that if the subject of a…well..bloody PERIOD is acceptable to the fine folks at Apple, then acceptance our our fabulous bladder-saving RunPee concept must be soon to find a home with the app committee folks at Apple.

Here is the Press Release all about Period Tracker. I should get this for myself.


iPhones Used to Track Menstruation

Los Angeles, CA, June 25, 2009 – Most people use the iPhone to send
text messages and emails and browse the internet but women everywhere
have been using their iPhones to do something else – track their
menstrual periods.

Period Tracker, is a breakthrough app that has revolutionized the way
women keep track of their bodies and use their mobile phones. It has
a simple yet elegant layout with a one-touch button to log the start
of the user’s period and a countdown to the beginning of their next
one. A cute flower appears in the middle of the homepage when the app
predicts that the user is “fertile” and ovulating. And a month view
calendar helps the user see their cycles at a glance, while a notes
page allows the user to enter daily notes to indicate if they have a
“headache” or have been “intimate.”

“Period Tracker was the first app we ever came up with,” says Susan
Lee of GP Apps. “We had been married for several months when I got my
first iPhone and my husband brought up the crazy suggestion of making
an iPhone app. Having been married so recently, we were still
struggling to find a better way to keep track my periods, so we
decided to create Period Tracker.”

Period Tracker has been noticed by critics and platforms everywhere.
It has even recently won an award of a special grant by Adobe to bring
Period Tracker over to the Nokia smartphone platform.

“We love this app,” says David Lee. “We’ve spent so many months
developing it and improving it and we’re really proud of how it looks
and functions. We actually designed the entire app from scratch, at
times debating for days about how to make and keep the app the most
user-friendly and user-intuitive possible. We think it’s one of the
best apps out there.”

Period Tracker is currently available for the iPhone in the iTunes App
Store for just $1.99.