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Movie review: I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine was an amazing movie. It was gut wrenching, sad, happy, moving, and powerful — all at the same time. I’ve always liked the song, but now I have a deeper understanding of where it came from. The childhood Bart went through was devastating to me, as a mother and grandmother. I cried […]

Movie review: Every Day

I’m giving this movie an A. It started slow and I was a little unsure…by about ten minutes in I thought I was going to hate it. I was very confused, and didn’t know where the movie was going. I was really wrong. They were just laying the groundwork for a phenomenal story. You won’t […]

Movie review: Early Man

I grew up watching The Gumby Show and Davey And Goliath, as did my children so I’ve watched a lot of stop motion movies. When Nick Park’s Wallace And Gromit began back in the 90’s I was thrilled. So yes, I’m a fan of stop motion and Nick Park. If you’re also a fan of Park, you […]

Movie review – Insidious: The Last Key

The Insidious franchise took a very difficult, yet ingenious approach to movie-making. Others have tried, and failed, to create a series of screenplays with a backwards timeline. Meaning, the first movie took place long after this last installment. With that said, they really did do a good job. Elise Rainier, played by Lin Shaye, did a […]