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The Heat – movie review

We’ve seen a number of mismatched buddy-cop movies with male leads, most notably 48 Hours, Men In Black and Beverly Hills Cop. Finally movie makers have hit upon the idea that this genre just might work with females in the lead. They nailed it by partnering Sandra Bullock as the uptight FBI agent and Melissa […]

The Croods – movie review

Grade: A- This is a smart, funny and colorful movie about a clan of cave people who must travel to unknown territory after their cave was destroyed by plate tectonics. They meet up with a more evolved person – his forehead isn’t sloped – who introduces them to the prehistoric version of shoes, cell phones, sun […]

Admission – movie review

Grade: C Tina Fey (Portia) and Paul Rudd (John) didn’t have the best on screen chemistry and the story has been done time and time again. The movie isn’t bad; it’s just bland. The best parts of the movie were the scenes with Lily Tomlin as Portia’s mother. If they could have found a way […]

The Call – movie review

Grade: B I’ve been waiting to see this movie for months and it was well worth the wait. Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin both display great range as actors across a spectrum of emotions. It can be argued that the plot is implausible; a 911 operator receiving two different calls from the victims of the […]

Safe Haven – movie review

Grade: C- The movie starts with Katy running for her life from what? We don’t know. She takes a bus and ends up in a bucolic seaside town. There she manages to get employment and a place to live within 24 hours. Really! She immediately finds a guy who wants to love and take care […]

Side Effects – movie review

Grade: B+ It’s difficult to write a through review for this movie for fear of giving anything away. There are so many twists and turns in Side Effects that one wrong word or expression could give away an important detail. That being said I will tell you it’s a great movie that will keep wondering […]

Stand Up Guys – movie review

Grade: A- The target age group for this movie is the 40+. The younger set would find Stand Up Guys slow and tedious. I’m in the 60+ age group and I loved it. When you have Walken, Pacino and Arkin together it’s going to be a hit in my book. These guys can take any […]

Movie Review : Django Unchained

Grade: A+ Django Unchained is Pulp Fiction on horseback. Quentin has rocked it again. It’s bloody, crude, and funnier than any other movie I’ve seen this year. The two hours and forty seven minutes passed quickly. The movie never dragged. Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz both provide magnificent performances that will likely be remembered as […]

Movie review: Rise of the Guardians

A visually stunning movie that is destined to become a holiday classic along with Rudolph and The Grinch. The overarching theme of *The Guardians* revolves around Jack Frost finding his identity and how important beliefs are in shaping reality. The importance of “finding your center” is explored my multiple characters. It’s a message that young […]

Movie review: Lincoln

Grade: A+ Spielberg has given us a three dimensional  insight into the last few months of our most beloved leader. In *Lincoln* we see him not only as the President during the most difficult time in our nations history but also in an equally demanding role as husband and father. Make no mistake, this is […]