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Maze Runner – movie review

Grade: D The movie itself was mediocre — not good or bad. Likewise with the acting. The entire cast is comprised of young inexperienced actors who do an average job — which isn’t a bad thing. No one stood out as great but at the same time no one stood out as horrible. The best […]

The November Man – movie review

Grade: B+ November Man is a very good movie, compared to other movies in the genre. But lets face it, the spi-thriller genre is heavily littered with disappointments. Being better than average in this genre isn’t a steep hill to climb. I happen to enjoy this genre pretty well. Thinking back to fairly recent movies […]

When The Game Stands Tall – movie review

Grade: B- This isn’t a movie for movie fans; it’s a movie for football fans, so that’s how I’m going to review it. (Because I am — Roll Tide!) There was a high school football team in the theater with me when I watched the movie. They seemed to enjoy the movie and there were […]

Expendables 3 movie review

Grade: C Good news: Expendables 3 is much better than Expendables 2, which was horrible. The plot for Ex3 is about as predictable as a grenade with the pin removed. In this case I’d say that’s a good thing. No one wants plot twists and surprises. Just make up an excuse to amp up the […]

Into The Storm movie review

Grade: D+ I’m not a big fan of comparing movies but it just makes sense to compare Into The Storm with Twister. Twister had a better story/plot and much better humor. Into The Storm has better graphics. (They have18 years of CGI improvements to work with so it would be a travesty if it didn’t.) […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie review

Grade: D Simply put: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a kid’s movie. I’m not a TMNT fan and never was. I’ve never seen or read any of their cartoons or comics. Therefore, I can’t say how a lifelong fan will feel about the movie and weather it lived up to any expectations. But if you’re […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Grade: A- Guardians Of The Galaxy was awesome fun; plenty of humor, amazing visuals, and great action sequences. Best of all the story and acting bring everything together in a suspenseful climax. I often complain that many action movies are too short but that’s not a problem in GOTG. Excluding the credits the movie is […]

Hercules – movie review

Grade: C- I hate giving bad reviews to movies with my favorite actors. But there’s no escaping it, “Hercules” wasn’t very good. Lets start with the battle scenes. They were the worst filmed battles I’ve seen in decades. The cinematography was bland, and the choreography was redundant. I honestly got bored during the battle in […]

LUCY – movie review

Grade: B- “Lucy” is like two movies mashed together: one is enjoyable and explores interesting questions; the other is lame and hyper-violent. Rating this movie is a question of how to balance these two. Where this movie really fails is in it’s brevity. Not including the credits it’s only an hour and twenty-two minutes long. […]