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Son of God – movie review

Grade: B This movie isn’t going to win any critical awards but it’s a crowd-pleaser. If you’ve watched some of the dramatic retellings of the life of Jesus on History, BCC, Discovery, type channels then think of that but a good bit better. I found it interesting that they often used a characters name in […]

Pompeii – movie review

Grade: D- When it’s all said and done Pompeii will be remembered as the movie that reacquainted the world with one of the best actors of his generation. He commanded attention in every scene he was in, even when he had no lines to deliver; and when he delivered his lines it was with precision […]

3 Days to Kill – movie review

Grade: C- Lets set the tone right away.First, in the first three minutes of this movie you find out that a very young, and very good looking woman, is assigned, by the Director of the CIA no less, to be the lead agent in taking down one of the most important international terrorists in the […]

Winter’s Tale – movie review

Grade: C I feel a little ambivalent about this movie. On the one hand the acting was great. However, the story seemed to be a little scattered. The central message of this movie seems to be contradicted at the end. If you see it then let me know if you agree. I’m still trying to […]

About Last Night – movie review

Grade: B I’m really impressed with the job they did with this remake. And to be fair it isn’t really a remake of the 1980s movie but a film based on the David Mamet play, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, which both movies are based from. That being said, they payed homage to the original movie […]

Robocop – movie review

Grade: B- I’m a big fan of the original Robocop film. It was hyper violent and went way over the top. Sort of the them of the 80s, don’t you think? This is not that kind of Robocop. The violence is PG-13. There’s very little blood and no more gore than you would see in […]

Monuments Men – movie review

Grade: B+ The only thing that confuses me about Monuments Men is why it didn’t come out at Christmas. It would have been the perfect movie to see during the holidays. Oh well, at least it doesn’t have much competition in the theaters right now. Obviously this is a very good movie. It was written, […]

That Awkward Moment – movie review

Grade: B That Awkward Moment probably won’t go on your shelf with the great romantic comedies, like When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, and Pretty Woman, but it might make it to the shelf right below that. One of my knocks about many romantic movies is that the relationships often feel like a kludge. For […]

I, Frankenstein – movie review

Grade: C What I found most surprising about this movie is the quality of the acting. Usually movies like this pluck their main characters from the B-list. But somehow the creators managed to land Aaron Eckhart, who is an outstandingly good, but underrated, actor. Eckhart brings gravitas to the character of Frankenstein that the story […]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – movie review

Grade: B Shadow Recruit was much better than I expected. The first thing people are going to ask is how well does Chris Pine pull off the role of Jack Ryan compared to his predecessors? In my opinion he did a fantastic job, maybe the best Jack Ryan of them all. You need to know […]