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RunPee logoMany people consider the RunPee app the essential movie app, and not just because we tell you when to Run and Pee during a movie so you don’t have to worry about missing the best scenes. That is, and always will be, our core feature, but we do so much more. We’ll get to the whole lot more in a moment. Right now you’re probably wondering, seriously? How’s this even possible?

When the RunPee app starts, you will be presented with the Movie List Screen: a list of movies currently in theaters.

We add all wide release films each week (about 160 movies a year) — almost always on opening night, and sometimes earlier.

(Read more about our movie selection process.)

Movie List Screen

Tap on the flick you’re interested in, and you’ll see the Movie Info Screen (below), where you’ll find many of the ancillary features of the RunPee app. For now, let’s tap on the big button at the top: Press for Peetimes to…


Movie Info Screen

This is what you’re here for: to find out the best time you can run and pee during a movie.

Peetimes Screen

Let’s take a closer look at what a Peetime looks like.


Peetime Card

Here’s a Peetime that starts about 53 minutes into the movie, when Eddie gets to his motorcycle in the alleyway. That scene is your Cue the Peetime has begun. You have four minutes to take care of business, and along the way you can tap on the Peetime and read a detailed, but brief, Synopsis of what you missed. That way you can return to the theater ready to enjoy the rest of the movie, without feeling lost.

(Read more details about Peetimes.)

If you’re thinking: geez, I’m going to forget this during the movie, then don’t worry — because we have you covered. The RunPee app has a built in Timer to silently remind you of each upcoming Peetime.



Before each Peetime, your phone will vibrate in your lap — so you’ll know it’s time to keep an eye/ear out for the Cue to get up. What could be better?

(Read more about the built in Timer.)

Actually, I know what could be better…if the RunPee app also informs you what, if anything, there is to see during the end credits. And if those scenes are worth waiting for. Wait: RunPee does this too!


Anything Extra

(What counts as anything extra? Good question. Read more here.)

PeecoinsThe RunPee app has a lot of additional features to help improve your movie-going experience, but before we get to that, you may have seen Peecoins in some of the pictures above…and you’re wondering: Great, just how much is this going to cost me? The answer is: nothing!

You can use the RunPee app for free if that’s what you would like. You have the option to view advertisements, each of which will earn you one Peecoin, or you can purchase Peecoins in bundles of 10 for $1 — up to 40 at a time. One Peecoin = one movie, always. Either way, the choice is up to you.

(Read more about Peecoins and supporting the RunPee Family and app.)

We mentioned in the beginning that there’s a lot more to the RunPee app than just Peetimes and the Anything Extra details. Here’s a breakdown of some additional useful/fun features we think you’ll enjoy.


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