The RunPee Timer

The RunPee app’s built in Timer is one of our proudest features. It really makes using the app super simple and discreet.

All you need to do to use the Timer is select a movie from the Movie List, which takes you to the Movie Info Screen; from there press the View Peetimes for… button to get to the Peetimes for that movie. (See image below.)

Timer button

When you press the Timer button, you’ll briefly see a screen that will ask if you want to input your Movie Expectation Vote. This is up to you. You can add it, or skip it. Either way, you’ll end up on the Timer screen that will look something like the image below.

At the very top, you can see we tell you precisely when to start the Timer. In this instance: when the Sony logo fades out.

Once the Timer starts, you’ll see a screen like the one below.

Timer Started

Now you can put your phone to sleep, and sit back and relax! The RunPee app vibrates (if you have the settings correct) about 1 minute before each Peetime, giving you an alert to look out for the Peetime Cue. Easy peasy.