A Discussion on Buddy Cop Movies

Dan and I (Jill) just IMed about funny action cop buddy movies, and the sub genre that spoofs them. Here ya go:

me: did you see my moview review on The Other Guys?
i just updated it
danflorio: no, I didn’t read it. I’ll go check it out
me: i didn’t pan it in any way it didn’t deserve. you will see. i think it’s a fair review
me: very few action comedy cop movies get it right.
danflorio: BHC #1 & 2
me: caxtly!!!! i was exactly thinking beverly hills cop
me: also he has a sidekick, not a buddy, so it’s a little different
danflorio: Tango & Cash, which was good for its day.
danflorio: I saw it again recently. It really was pretty lame. especially at the end. but fun
danflorio: And of course Lethal Weapon – sorta a comedy
me: right lethal weapon is the high water mark
me: almost flawless. Lethal Weapon is the Lord of the Rings – genre creating. I have not seen Pinapple Express or Tropic Thunder, so i don’t know if they get it right. MIB gets it right. In pure spoofland, the Naked Gun and Police Academy do it.
danflorio: I don’t think I saw Cop Out. but I agree about TM. You know what’s funny: I can’t imagine that there is a single real life cop-duo that is anything like the movies pretend. Cops are just beaten down by the rigors of the job. Do cops enjoy their jobs?
me: Only my Uncle Frank. He was a Bronx beat cop and loved it. Might be unusual though.
danflorio: k. Oh, another good cop movie – Running Scared. That was very funny and good drama. Fantastic movie
me: I have heard Rush Hour and 48 hours are excellent.
danflorio: We need to watch them together. Okay, can I get back to work now? Please?
Jill Florio

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