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Top TV Series You Would Love if You Are a James Bond Fan

The James Bond movie series hooked and continues to hook fans of various age ranges. Many online casinos like the GGBET Live Casino integrate these action fantasy games into their catalogues. This results in the participation of the younger demography in various virtual casinos around the globe. Hence, the boom of the gambling industry.

If you are a fan of the James Bond movie franchise, you’ll agree that finding a movie that encompasses all its features is no easy feat. From its spirited scenes to the unique cocktail parties, around-the-globe settings, and a dangerous line of work, it’s got it all. However, this article aims to find similar movies that can help you remain interested. Let’s look at some of them.

The Recruit

The Recruit_hero

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This is one of the newest shows that has enhanced the spy genre. It stars a CIA lawyer (Noah Centineo as Owen Hendricks) who suddenly finds himself on conversion missions. Throughout the entire movie, he tries not to get himself killed. While this movie is action, that is not all that it is. It also has some heart and fun, even with the covert assignments.

Without prior training on how to act in the field, Owen learns through experience and has to do so as fast as possible. It is an office where you kill or get killed. His character gets intertwined with other characters the more he sees and learns. Along the line, it gets confusing who the good guys are. This show is fun, easy to binge, and enough to keep you hooked.



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For lovers of animation, this is a movie that can scratch your James Bond itch. It is an animated comedy about a strange spy agency, ISIS. Its lead spy, Archer, is a narcissistic agent who makes James Bond look easy. This show depicts a strange office sitcom vibe where every character is made to act as weirdly as possible. While watching, you’ll see many inside jokes that give this show a different outlook on how a spy lifestyle unfolds.


This movie tells the story of a college student who lives a double life as a spy. The show begins by introducing Sydney Bristow and unfolds how she found out that she has been working for the enemy (SD6) all along after the death of her fiance. After this development, she decides to become a double agent for the CIA with the help of her estranged father, also a double agent. Every episode of this series is a pure delight that offers pure adrenaline. It explores different twists and unfolds numerous secrets and connections. In all, this is one you don’t want to miss.

The Americans

The Americans

This series is over a decade old, has numerous seasons, and is classified as one of the best by many viewers. It mixes different sagas, from action to espionage, relationships, and family drama. It features a suburban married couple, KGB agents in the 1980s, Virginia. They are spies who try to help Mother Russia from inside the United States. Unfortunately, their neighbour and Philip, the husband’s best friend, happens to be an FBI agent tracking down possible Russian spies.

This movie explores marriage, falling in love, and patriotism. It borders along the line of various grey situations in which the characters are intertwined in. In short, it is a perfect series that keeps increasing the consequences for the characters and their actions. This remained consistent from the beginning to its season finale.

Relive Your James Bond Fantasies

All of these series possess similar glamour and action scenes that you will find in the typical Bond movies. These movies create tension and up the stakes of spy films. Therefore, they are alternative options that you can enjoy and have as much fun watching as you did the Bond series. So, have fun!

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