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Top 5 movies to create a romantic mood for your first date night

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So, you want to plan a first date night taking in a movie guaranteed to set pulses racing. Whether you opt for plush seats at your local Multiplex, or a comfortable couch and a remote control ready to tap into Netflix, you are on the cusp of great adventures! Movies and first dates have been synonymous for decades, so provided you make the right choice, this could well be a key moment in your fledgling relationship. Here we will not only assess why movies are so integral to stoking a romantic vibe but will also suggest five must-see titles that will guarantee this liaison is a night that will linger in your memory.

Finding your ideal movie companion

Before we get to the stage of suggesting films to watch, first things first. Your date night will have a much better chance of success if you have opted to view this movie with the most compatible partner possible. Increasing numbers of singles are tracking down like-minded individuals by embracing the digital environment. So, before you even check out the movie schedules or pore over reviews of the latest releases, you should head over to a hookup chat room. When you enter this online facility, you can touch base with a diverse range of prospective partners. There are likely to be all sorts of interesting group discussions about favorite romantic films along with recommendations. As soon as you feel yourself drawn to someone, you can break away from the group chat and get into some flirty DMs. Establishing a rapport can be the important first step towards planning to watch a hot film together.

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Harnessing Cupid’s bow

Combining movies with date night is all about capturing the right mood. In many instances, the obvious go-to would be watching romcoms together. Getting engrossed in the ups and downs of fictitious relationships can be fantastic for bringing you together with your significant other. Many of the situations unfolding on the big screen are likely to strike a chord! When it comes to a romantic night with a film, it’s always a good idea to keep the mood light and frivolous, so something like When Harry Met Sally it is bound to make your date flow effortlessly. Character studies such as Bradley Cooper’s masterful portrayal of US composer Leonard Bernstein, Maestro, involving a greater degree of drama, are also to be recommended. As well as describing the main protagonist’s relationship with his wife, Felicia Montealegre (Carey Mulligan), charting the ups and downs, this is a movie which is also thoroughly entertaining because it features Bernstein’s unforgettable film scores, such as West Side Story (itself based on the tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet), making it date night perfection!

Five movies for sparking passion

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Based on a novel by Annie Proulx, Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) play two cowboys who, despite being in straight relationships, have an intense fling while herding sheep in their summer pastures. This is such a worthy choice for date night – and it won multiple accolades – because its powerful sentiments cut across the board. Whether you’re LGBT or not, you and your partner can get lost in its sweeping tale of attraction and chemistry.

About Time (2013)

Written and directed by Richard Curtis, this enchanting movie combines a passionate love affair between Tim (Dohmnall Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams) with fantasy elements. The plot takes a familiar science fiction trope – time-travelling- and investigates what might happen if you could try and manipulate events, especially where romance is concerned.

Amélie (2001)

Starring the French actress Audrey Tautou in the titular role, this is a delightful movie that positively glows with a feel-good vibe. Amélie does good turns wherever she can, but things go off on a tangent when she meets a man who charms her.

Notting Hill (1999)

Hot on the heels of his starring role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, also directed by Richard Curtis, this movie stars Hugh Grant as Will, a bookseller, and Julia Roberts as Anna, who happens to be playing a film star. When Anna casually drops by Will’s bookshop one day, an unlikely, mismatched romance is kindled.

I Love You, Man (2009)

Peter (Paul Rudd) is about to wed Zooey (Rashida Jones). The problem is Peter doesn’t have many friends, so the position of best man is proving conspicuously difficult to fill. This is where Sydney (Jason Segel) enters the equation, Peter latching onto him, and the unlikely pair become best buddies. Unfortunately, there are sparks of friction between Sydney and Zooey. The dialogue fizzes and crackles, the lead characters are all likeable, and there are laughs and romance. All the ingredients you could possibly require for your date night!

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