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Top 10 best films of the decade that everyone needs to see


Cult films are a special category of cinematic works that have acquired cult status due to their uniqueness, influence on mass culture, and devoted fan audience. These films transcend conventional perception and become an object of obsession and deep study for numerous fans. Cult films have their origins in classic Hollywood cinema, but they became particularly prominent in underground, arthouse, and independent cinema in the 1960s-1970s. Since then, the genre of cult films has steadily grown and evolved, encompassing a wide range of themes, styles, and genres. Cult films share characteristics such as unique directorial writing, unconventional plot moves, vivid characters with cult status, a niche audience of devoted fans, cultural influence, and subsequent remakes, sequels, and adaptations. Cult films have a significant impact on mass culture, inspiring new works of art, shaping visual images and linguistic clichés, becoming objects of parodies and tributes. For those who enjoy entertainment of a different kind, online casinos like stay casino no deposit promo code offer a great experience with a variety of games and chances to win big. Whether you’re watching a classic cult film or trying your luck at an online casino, there’s always something exciting to discover and enjoy.

1. Forrest Gump, 1994

The film tells the story of the life of Forrest Gump – a man with mental retardation but with outstanding physical abilities. The story covers several key events in American history of the 20th century, which Forrest witnesses and participates in. As a child, Forrest overcomes a physical ailment and, thanks to his stamina, becomes a star on the university football team. He takes part in the Vietnam War, where he saves the life of his friend Bunny, for which he receives the Medal of Honour. After the war, Forrest becomes a millionaire by founding a shrimp company. Throughout his life, Forrest waits for and loves his high school friend Jenny, who follows her own life path, including membership in the anti-war movement and a passion for music.

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Country: USA

Genre: drama, comedy, melodrama, history

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004

A young man named Joel Barishaw discovers that his former lover Clementine has undergone a procedure to erase the memories of their relationship. To forget the pain after the breakup, Joel decides to do the same. Under the guidance of Lacuna Inc. Joel falls into a dream and experiences the process of erasing Clementine’s memories. As the procedure progresses, he watches his memories of her gradually fade away. In parallel, the story of Clementine herself, who has also undergone the erasure of memories of Joel from her mind, is revealed. Both characters experience the emotional ups and downs of their relationship, which are presented in a non-linear time sequence. In the finale, Joel realises that despite the pain, he does not want to completely get rid of his memories of Clementine. He tries to save at least some of his feelings from being erased.

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Country: USA

Genre: melodrama, sci-fi, drama

3. The Game, 1997

The protagonist is Nicholas Van Orton, a wealthy businessman who turns 48, the age at which his father committed suicide. On his birthday, his geeky brother Conrad gives him an unusual gift – a certificate to participate in a certain “Game” organised by a mysterious company. At first Nicholas is sceptical about this idea, but gradually he realises that the “Game” invades his usual life. He is faced with unexpected and frightening events – his bank account is emptied, he begins to be hunted by unknown people, and his own life is threatened. Nicholas tries to unravel what is really going on and who is behind this “Game”. He is forced to trust a stranger Christina, who also participates in this strange experiment.

Country: USA

Genre: detective, adventure, thriller, drama

4. Whiplash, 2013

The main character is Andrew Nieman, a talented but very ambitious young drummer. He dreams of becoming a great jazz musician and is ready to do anything for the sake of it. Andrew enters one of the elite music conservatories, where his mentor becomes a harsh and ruthless conductor Terrence Fletcher. Fletcher is known for his gruelling training and harsh attitude towards his students, but he is able to create virtuoso musicians out of them. Andrew is completely obsessed with earning Fletcher’s approval and proving his superiority. He immerses himself in gruelling training, sacrificing everything, including his personal life and health. A fierce rivalry develops between him and Fletcher, turning into a real war.

Country: USA

Genre: drama, music

5. Interstellar, 2014

The action takes place in the not-too-distant future, when Earth is hit by a serious dust storm that threatens the extinction of mankind. Former NASA pilot George Cooper, along with his daughter Murph, discovers a classified government base where scientists are developing a project to colonise other planets. NASA specialists, including Professor Brand, send Cooper to pilot an expedition to find a suitable planet for settlement. Cooper reluctantly agrees, realising that it means parting with his daughter. The spaceship is sent through a black hole to another galaxy, where the crew lands on a number of habitable planets. However, each planet presents itself with its own risks and dangers – strong gravitational pull, huge waves, frozen landscapes. As the mission progresses, Cooper begins to doubt the veracity of the information received from Earth. It turns out that Professor Brand was hiding important facts related to the real goals of the expedition.

Countries: USA, Great Britain, Canada

Genre: sci-fi, drama, adventure

6. Shutter Island, 2010

The action takes place in 1954. Two federal marshals, Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Ohl, arrive on a remote island where there is a mental hospital for especially dangerous criminals. Their goal is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the patients, Rachel Solando. On the island, Teddy is immediately confronted with the suspicious behaviour of the hospital staff and the strange, eerie circumstances surrounding the place. He soon begins to suspect that there is more than a simple medical mystery behind the disappearance. Gradually, Teddy becomes immersed in his own inner demons and memories of his past. He begins to question the reality of what is happening around him. More and more clues point to the fact that the hospital is hiding something sinister. As Teddy investigates, he learns of Dr Cavesley’s cruel experiments on patients and also encounters hints of his own tangled past. Teddy’s mental state deteriorates and he becomes increasingly paranoid.

Country: USA

Genre: thriller, detective, drama

7. The Shawshank Redemption, 1994

The action takes place in 1947. Andy Dufresne, a bank clerk, is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and her lover, which he did not actually commit. He is sent to the infamous Shawshank Prison. In prison, Andy faces brutality and corruption from the prison authorities. But he stays calm and finds a way not to break down, starting to work in the library and helping other inmates. Andy befriends an experienced inmate nicknamed Red, who becomes his guide in prison life. Gradually Andy gains the respect of the other inmates with his honesty, intelligence and willingness to help. Using his accounting skills, Andy helps the prison authorities with financial transactions and gradually improves prison conditions. He even sets up a library and educational programmes for the inmates. After 19 years, Andy decides to make a daring escape. He prepares meticulously for a long time, digging a digging hole from his cell. Eventually Andy manages to escape, and Red, who has been released on parole, goes in search of him.

Country: USA

Genre: Drama

8. Pulp Fiction, 1994

The film consists of several intertwining stories set in the Los Angeles underworld. One of the storylines is about two hitmen, Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield. They work for crime boss Marcellus Wallace and are tasked with taking a certain suitcase from a student. The other story is about Marcellus’ wife Mia, whom Vincent asks out on a date to a dance club. During the date they almost go over the edge, but at the last moment Vincent stops. The film also features the story of boxer Butch Coolidge, who is supposed to lose his fight at the behest of Marcellas, but runs away after taking the money. Marcellas tries to find him and kill him. All of these storylines intersect at the climax, when hitmen Vincent and Jules find themselves in a cafe where a shootout has taken place. They miraculously stay alive.

Country: USA

Genre: crime, drama

9. 1+1 (The Intouchables), 2011

The film tells about an uneasy friendship between two very different people – aristocrat Philip and a young man from a disadvantaged family Dries. Philippe is a wealthy aristocrat who is confined to a wheelchair after suffering from paralysis. To find himself a new carer, he interviews several candidates. Unexpectedly, he chooses Dries, a young man from a dysfunctional immigrant family with a criminal record. At first, Philippe and Dries are wary and prejudiced towards each other. But over time, a sincere friendship develops between them. Dries helps Philip to rediscover himself and Philip, in turn, gives Dries a second chance and believes in him. Together they experience many comical and sentimental situations that gradually iron out their differences. Philippe helps Dries to overcome his past, and Dries breathes new life into Philippe.

Country: France

Genre: drama, comedy

10. The Big Lebowski, 1998

At the centre of the story is an oddball character nicknamed The Dude, who leads a relaxed lifestyle as a bowling enthusiast. One day, two criminals break into his home, mistake him for a millionaire with a similar name and maul his favourite carpet as a deterrent. Eager to make amends, the Dude tries to make sense of what happened. His mates come to his aid – pseudo-gangster Walter and unfunny Donnie. Together they try to unravel a tangle of complex relationships involving the daughter of a millionaire who looks like him, a kidnapped hippie millionaire, and several mysterious characters. During the investigation Dude constantly gets into curious and absurd situations, without losing his philosophical detachment and desire for a relaxed pastime.

Countries: USA, UK

Genre: crime, comedy


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