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Three of the Most Immature (And Hilarious) Animated Movies

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There are many cartoons out there that are made to specifically appeal to adult audiences. Particularly since the release of The Simpsons in the nineties, cartoons have became wittier and adult-orientated. Now, many of the big-budget Hollywood movies share a similar theme: immature humor, the likes of which would struggle to pass censors in a live-action production. Below, we discuss three of the funniest ones out there.



Ted has had two outings so far, a great romp of an opener and a slightly more subdued follow-up. Created by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, it has everything you would expect from this innovator, such as dirty jokes, pop culture references, and plenty of memorable, laugh-out-loud moments.

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The story follows the tale of John Bennet, whose childhood teddy bear came to life. Now, the two are grown up and in the full swings of bachelorhood. Their immature, party lifestyle starts to damage the relationship John has with his new love interest, causing tension in the camp.

Aside from a follow-up, Ted has been pretty quiet ever since. Some fantastic slots on mobile have his license, one of which is a Megaways title. This means it has a progressive jackpot, so you can win a very large amount if luck falls your way. Regardless, it is a very entertaining title well worth the time for slot lovers or anyone who just loved the movie itself.

Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe



Beavis and Butthead were everywhere in the nineties. Stars of MTV, these teenage dropouts simply sat and muttered at the TV, uttering moronic quotes. So huge were they, they had a film titled “Beavis and Butthead Do America”. However, time moved on and they just didn’t seem to fit with the changing generation.

That was until last year when Beavis and Butthead returned with “Do the Universe”. In an age where people are once again glued to screens, uttering nonsense and rotting their brains, the pair suddenly seemed relevant again. Accidentally going into space and moving through a wormhole, they end up in 2022. A dark look at our current times, many people believed it was far superior to the previous movies and it was a massive hit.

Sausage Party

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Sausage Party is about the antics of anthropomorphic supermarket produce, who suddenly find out that their purpose is to be cooked, killed, and eaten. The discoverer of this knowledge is Frank, a humble hotdog, who goes on an R-rated journey of discovery. Venturing behind the frozen section, his tale is one of intrigue and dark humor.

The movie has a sterling team behind it, including writers Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. The voice cast is equally as terrific, with big names like Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. It was well-received by critics and soon became a cult movie.

There are many others and the market is growing bigger now streaming services are making their productions. Check the reviews and book yourself in for a night of laughs with snacks, drinks, and one of these animated classics.

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