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The Transformative Power of Movie Soundtracks: Enhancing Study Sessions for Students


Movies and the movie music have always been a source of inspiration, entertainment, and relaxation, as well as some sort of escape for busy college and university students. From heartfelt chick flicks to thrilling action sequences, the various Hollywood works have the power to take us to the most distant places and eras, as well as evoke a wide range of emotions. The reality is that no good film could ever exist without the soundtrack. OK, ok, we all remember the silent movies era; however, even then, some music was composed and performed to accompany every other movie. Not only do OSTs captivate us, but they also enhance our emotional connection to the story and even boost study sessions in college. Below, we will see how the greatest movie soundtracks of all time may influence the study process and delve into some of the iconic movie songs that undergrads choose to listen to while working on home assignments.

Influence of Music on the Studying Process

Dozens of studies have proved that music can have a profound impact on human cognitive abilities, such as concentration, attention, and memory. When it comes to studying in college, the right tunes can provide an inspiring and conducive setting for learning. Whether you turn on some of the best movie soundtracks of all time, classy works of Beethoven, or hip-hop, music can help you focus on the toughest tasks and retain info in a more effective manner. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that different people tend to respond differently to different music genres. While you may find instrumental tunes quite inspiring to become the ‘soundtrack’ for your next study session, your peers may prefer Nirvana or folk motives. The trick here is to find what works best for you and listen to your inner self only.

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Top Reasons to Listen to Iconic Movie Songs While Studying

The truth is it’s up to you to decide what best methods to choose when stuck in the hectic studying process. While a lot of students tend to use professional writing services from advance or some of the other best essay writing services out there, you’re welcome to benefit from the most iconic movie songs. Below, we provided some of the top reasons to incorporate OSTs into your academic routine:

  • Emotional connection. A great quality movie soundtrack is crafted to evoke emotions in viewers and boost their experience. When you listen to the songs during your study session, you have a chance to tap into the same emotional connection and, thus, find yourself in a more engaging setting for learning.
  • Familiarity and comfort. Films have a great power to teleport people to the most wonderful worlds and timeframes. As a rule, it is the soundtrack that serves as the synonym for the movie itself. When you listen to the familiar songs from your favorite movies when doing homework, you get a sense of familiarity and comfort that, in turn, makes the dullest study session more relaxed and even enjoyable.
  • Inspiration and motivation. Great movie scores are related to the OSTs that are known for their motivational, inspirational, and uplifting qualities. Remember those epic orchestra arrangements from the movie “Lord of the Rings”? Turn it on when you work on your next essay to push through all the challenges you encounter in the process with ease.
  • Better focus. Looking for ways to boost concentration and work on your home tasks more effectively? Some of the great movie soundtracks are there to help! Without the distraction of lyrics, college, and university students have an opportunity to dive into the music and create a focused mental state that aids in dealing with complex disciplines or engaging in deep work.

Best Movie Soundtracks for Studying

If you haven’t chosen the best movie soundtracks to study to yet, we did some homework for you! Take a look at the list of the most wonderful tunes ever created for the world’s best motion pictures.

  • “Interstellar” (Hans Zimmer). A fantastic score by Hans Zimmer is ideal for capturing the mystery and grandeur of open space. Just listen to its ethereal and ambient tones that serve as a perfectly soothing background for studying. One of the greatest soundtracks to wake up your imagination, especially when you have to work on creative tasks.
  • “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy (Howard Shore). Howard Shore’s masterful composition for the famous fantasy story is captivating and epic. All the fantastic orchestral arrangements seem to take busy and tired undergrads to Middle-earth, fueling up their imagination and honing their concentration.
  • “Amélie” (Yann Tiersen). Known as one of the best movie soundtracks for studying, Yann Tiersen’s work is a truly melodic masterpiece. Hear those nostalgic and playful tunes! Feel how fast they all create a cheerful and relaxed ambiance, turning any homework into a joyful experience.
  • “The Social Network” (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross). The electronic soundtrack for a famous movie in the ‘drama’ genre creates an atmospheric environment in any study room. Thanks to its pulsating rhythms, you find yourself better focused on the next assignment, that’s no doubt.


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Let’s face it, the magic of film soundtracks goes far beyond the silver screen and has an extraordinary impact on the studying process. Whether it’s the ethereal tunes from “Interstellar” or whimsical melodies from “Amélie,” the world of OSTs has something for every student looking for ways to ease the academic journey. So, next time you’re stuck with tough assignments, ask yourself if some tunes can make your learning adventure less challenging.


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